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By: Joe Cardoso

Halfway done with 2019, which means summer is here!! Outdoors trips and lazy days on the beach worldwide as we all try and find time to enjoy the weather and memorable moments. A gym is a place that will see a lot of new faces and those who haven’t been around since the new year myself included. For the first Q&A of the summer, we go to a place most wouldn’t think of to go along with the season Sweden. Our spotlight athlete is a fitness model, trainer, 2018 Swedish Champion, and social media influencer. Get to know Malin Jansson!

Joe Cardoso: What happened three years ago to get you started on this path?

Malin Jansson: I met my boyfriend who got me into Calisthenics. I believe I would’ve never got in contact with the sport if it wasn’t for him.

JC: Everyone when starting gets to a point when they want to give up. How did you push through that phase?

MJ: I think it’s super important to really know your WHY. Why am I doing this? And if that why is strong enough, it should win over all the possible doubts.

JC: When did you realize you didn’t just want to be in shape, but help others get in shape and healthy?

MJ: I’ve always been into training and different kind of sports, and I’ve always been interested in health. As soon as I got requests about helping people out, that they wanted to be as strong as me, that’s when I realized I could help people just by being me and teaching what I did.

JC: Growing up did you play any sports?

MJ: I’ve always been a sporty girl. Been playing football, floorball, been dancing ballet, did cheerleading for eight years. So yeah, I’ve been trying out some sports!

JC: Who are some of the people you look at to inspire you and keep you going?

MJ: My boyfriend inspires me a lot of course, but to be honest, my biggest inspiration is the future me!

JC: How did you get into being a fitness model?

MJ: I think I came pretty naturally when my social media accounts got bigger, and I started to feel more secure in front of the camera. I really started to love it! Then the job requests streamed into my inbox.

JC: When someone signs up for your fitness programs, what is a person getting?

MJ: It depends on what service they want. Either they buy an existing program that fits all, or they get a customized program with a meal plan that’s constructed with regard to their goals

MJ: What is your primary goal to accomplish this year still?

MJ: This year, I want to grow my social media accounts bigger, and I want to help as many people as possible to reach their goals! 

Bonus Questions:

JC: What has been your favorite place to visit, and why?

MJ: I think it must be Greece, due to its BEAUTIFUL beaches and good food 🙂

JC: When not working out or coaching, what do you do to unwind?

MJ: Spending time with my boyfriend, catching a movie, taking a walk or just eating good food 🙂

JC: How important has social media been to you and the growth of your brand?

MJ: Super important! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for social media.

Malin is still getting her feet under her in the world of fitness and is off to a fast start. Keep track of her adventures on social media!

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I thank her for her time and sharing her story as the summer goes by keeping an eye out for more interviews with the biggest names in the industry.
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