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By: Joe Cardoso

Welcome back to another Spotlight On Fitness Q&A with an upcoming name in the world of health and fitness. With the horrible spread of the Corona Virus, I want to send well wishes and positive vibes to everyone. Much of the world is staying inside and doing their part to slow down the spread, and this is a time to take a hard look at our health and how we can improve it. This month we go to Norway and introduce you to a 25-year old personal trainer who is on the rise. Get to know Bombshell Sportswear athlete Elisabeth Sletten.

Spotlight On Fitness

Joe Cardoso: So here we are in 2020, and you are a personal trainer, student, and athlete for a major sports brand. How did we get here?

Elisabeth Sletten: I got here by being myself and sharing my passion and dedication to my audience and clients. I think people get driven by my hard work and sacrifices, as a result, I am standing where I am today. Being an athlete, student, and a personal trainer is hard, but I have always been that type of girl that would never settle. I am so proud of how far I have come, but there is so much more I want to learn and achieve. I look at this as a start to whatever is next. I have always been a «yes» girl, and that comes with negative and positive sides. I would say yes to events, photoshoots, posting stories, helping clients, but that would harm how much I can cope with school, social life, and family. I always have to remind myself that there are just 24 hours in a day, and trust me – I am still learning. 

JC: Why is being in shape and helping others get in shape so important to you?

ES: Being a physiotherapy student, a personal trainer, and an athlete, I know the psychological factors and the health benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. I try to tell people that if you find an activity you love, you will stay consistent in the long run. Don’t start this journey of eating healthy or workout for anybody else then yourself.  I want my clients and followers to not only stay in shape but also to understand why. It isn’t just the way we look, but also how to feel. 

JC: What is a typical week look like for you?

ES: Monday is super busy with online clients, so after school this day, I would work until I can’t stay awake any longer, this I also a good day of posting on social media. Thursday is often busy too, but here I manage to prioritize the gym as well and plan my social media for the rest of the week. Wednesday-Friday will be a mix of school, gym and, work(clients and SoMe). The weekend is where I like to sleep in, do practical things like laundry, cleaning my apartment, and doing everything I didn’t manage to do earlier that week. I live in Denmark, so if I  have time, I will try to travel to my parents and clients back home, I go for work or just do anything to escape Denmark.

JC: Do you take any pre-workout, and how do you approach your diet?
ES: I did before. I love PWO, aka beta-alanine, but I have had some struggle sleeping, and I usually workout after 5 p,m so taking extra caffeine is not so smart. Right now, I am trying to gain weight, so I track my food in an app called Lifesum to make sure I am on a calorie surplus. I try to eat clean, but I could eat pizza/burgers just to get enough calories for the day. I don’t like candy/chips, etc., so if I was craving anything, it would be vanilla sauce or mac & cheese.
JC: For those who are starting to get in shape, what is some advice you have?
ES: Find something you enjoy and something that would keep you consistent. I would set a goal that means something for you, and write down why you should do everything you can to reach this goal. Find out how your workout schedule should look like and also your nutrition – to benefit your goal. When setting goals, I always use SMART-model with my clients, and it’s a great tool to set realistic and specific goals. The most important thing is to have a deadline, set a date, so you don’t give up on the way. Also, remember to set new goals to make sure you always improve and stay on your toes! I meet a lot of people who always give up and have to start from scratch again and again. If this happens, you have to make sure to ask yourself if the goals you have are realistic and if it means something to you. Remember; lack of motivation is a feeling. The feeling swings from one day to the other but never let your motivation be an excuse for skipping the gym or eating unhealthy. No matter what day it is, you will be one step closer to your goal if you push through. Good days will come. Always – always remember why you started.
JC: Like most fitness influencers, I imagine you get a ton of offers for products. How do you pick partners?
ES: I pick partners and products based on quality, and if I think it’s relevant for myself and my content. I always look into serious partners, those who have really looked at my profile and know that I personally would be a fit for their product. It has happened that some companies start an email with: “hi sir”, use a different name then my actually name or send me a copywritten text – I never write back to them – their loss.
JC: Who are some of the people that inspire you?
ES: This is tough because I always say that my biggest inspiration is myself. I get triggered by my own progress. Other than that; my dad! My father was the one who introduced me to lifting in 2013, so I can thank him for a lot of my success. He always challenged me to improve and pushed me when I needed it. He has also been my biggest support in the game, and one day I hope to inspire my children the same way.

JC: What is it about Norway that makes it a special place for you?

ES: Norway is home! This is where I have been all my childhood, making memories and friends. Norway has this beautiful nature that you will find nowhere else, it gives a lot of relaxation and appreciation. The four seasons and clean air is outstanding. I am so proud to call myself Norwegian.

JC: What are some of the goals you have for 2020?

ES: Well, my first goal is to weigh 60kg before June. I wanna get a higher fat% and gain muscle mass. After that, I wanna get into my summer shape, and see how well I can tone my muscles. After I quit powerlifting, I saw my booty gains were lacking, so this would be my first target. Hopefully, I would be able to form my chicken legs the way I want it, and with that, I mean better then they are right now. This year I will finish my bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, trave,l and move to another country. There are many things waiting for me, and I can’t wait to see where my next stop will be. 

JC: What will we find on your latest workout playlist?

ES: That would be a lot of fearless motivation, the old Eminem tracks. And Macklemore.

Bonus Questions:Elisabeth Sletten

JC: What do you pick and why: Night out or Netflix and chill

ES: Netflix and chill. I have stressful weeks, and I struggle with calming down and giving my body rest. I still haven’t watched one tv show without SoMe yet. I should be better to let go of work and just enjoy myself and my company. A night out is fun when there is something special going on. The hangover is usually not worth it though. 

JC: Who is Elisabeth Sletten?

ES: Where should I start? And what topic? Let just say I am the type of girl that is driven by the things I am good at and whatever makes me happy. When I was in the army or school – PE or Training would be my favorite, and I had really good grades. Other then that; I don’t think my parents were proud! I am a restless person, and I like to feel that I have accomplished something, or made someone else feel better about themselves.

During this crazy time, I want to thank Elisabeth for her time and for sharing her journey. Keep up with all of Elisabeth adventures through her social media channels, stay safe and be on the lookout for who is put under the spotlight next!


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