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Get To Know Carmen Bieri


By: Joe Cardoso

Welcome to 2020, people! Excited to bring you another year of fun Q&A’s with the biggest names in the fitness industry and fresh faces on the come up. To kick-off, we go to Sweden and meet a young lady who is not on the journey alone; she brought her sister along for the ride. With us hitting the gym this month for the first time in a long time, or for the first time, get some inspiration. Let’s all get to know Carmen Bieri, the first Spotlighted athlete of the year.

Chat with Carmen

Joe Cardoso: Growing up, you were super active playing all sorts of sports and dance, is everyone in the family as active?

Carmen Bieri: Yes, all of us are very active! This is where we got it from. When we were two years old, our father taught us how to ski.

JC: What does a normal week look like for you?

CB: We work out six times a week for our own. We coach people online and in person. We shoot content for our sponsors.

JC: How awesome is it having your sister be right by your side during this journey, and has it always been like that?

CB: Yes, it actually has always been like that: It’s the biggest gift on earth to experience this journey together. We share everything together, so I have my sister and best friend always with me. We always say: double the trouble and double the fun! LOL

JC: What type of reaction have you gotten from family and friends about this career choice?

CB: Our parents and friends always stand behind us. We have a very strong bond; we always knew that we wanted to have our own business since we little. Everyone is happy for us that this is now working out.

JC: You don’t play around when it comes to workouts, lifting heavy and often. What is your favorite part of working out?

CB: Working out gives us so much more than just the looks. Working out makes us happy, strengthens our mindset, and challenges us. It’s a lifestyle. Our favorite body part to train is legs. We love to train heavy!

JC: What is it about training that made you want to become a trainer?

CB: I want to teach people to feel the same way I feel. Feeling fit is the most amazing feeling in the world, both physically and mentally. Everybody should take care of the body they have been given. I really enjoy watching my clients make progress.

Business Advice

JC: How do you decide on who you want to partner up within business?

CB: I’m very picky. The brand must really suit me perfectly. I have to be able to stand behind it 100%. Another big point is that me and my sister only accept cooperation together and not individually. We also want to appear authentic and not as an advertising platform.

JC: What advice would you give to someone starting out?

CB: Always be yourself. Don’t try to copy anyone. Find a niche that suits you. Stay authentic. If you really want something and believe in it firmly, it will work out. Never lose your faith 

JC: What is ONE goal you still need to reach this year?

CB: Constantly expanding our own business and traveling the world

Bonus Questions:

JC: Who is Carmen Bieri?

CB: I’m a swiss Girl. 23 years old. I am a family person. Family is everything to me. I love sports; it is a big part of my life. I love traveling. I am kind of an impatient person and always have to do something. People say I am funny and very determined.

JC: You love traveling. Why?

CB: There is so much beauty on our earth, and I want to see all of it. I also love getting to know new cultures, meeting new people, and eating local food.

JC: When not training or coaching, what do you do?

CB: I spent a lot of time with my family and friends. I love doing other sports, like skiing. And of course, I love to travel.

JC: Who’s stronger you or your sister? Lol 

CB: LOL! Me, of course! No, I’m joking! Actually, we are equally strong. My sister is a bit stronger in the legs, and I have a stronger upper body.


Everything is easier with a partner to lean on, and having her sister by her side has helped Carmen. You can see all the latest workouts and travels by following her on social media. Thanks to Carmen for taking the time to talk and share what makes her tick. Her social links: Instagram:

Many more interviews to come as NBS kicks off year five, with plans of being bigger and better. Who’s next to be put under the spotlight, it could be you.




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