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By: Joe Cardoso
Summer is finally here and for most people, their fitness goals are just getting started. One of the places people visit a lot is Arizona know for its super hot temp’s and also breathe taking views. Home of the Grand Canyon and Saguaro National Park. A little school know as the University Of Arizona which is located in Tucson. Our featured athlete calls Scottsdale home and also was a standout member of the Wildcats softball team which has a rich and proud history. So let’s take a trip to the west side and meet Sam Davis!

JC: What sports did you play growing up? And do you still play any?
SD: I was lucky to have parents that allowed me to try almost all sports when I was little. My true love though, which I figured out around 10 years old, was softball. I started to play softball around 6 years when they’d let you hit off the tee, then continued to play in college at the University of Arizona. When I was done playing college ball, I played intramural, co-ed softball and had the time of my life (and not to mention earned a few intramural championship titles, just sayin’). Currently, I don’t play any sports, my time revolves around my clients and my fitness goals.
JC: Has fitness always been a part of your life?
SD: To be honest, it hasn’t! Before I went to play college ball, I was warned that I needed to get in ‘shape’ so I wouldn’t keel over and die my first week of college level workouts… I hired my own personal trainer who continuously whooped my butt, and lit the initial spark that fueled my new found passion.
JC: What is the typical workout routine for you?
SD: It varies depending on my goals, but lifting weights is on the schedule at least 5 days a week. Very rarely do I run cardio- I hate it to be honest (not sure if I should admit that), but I will do it if I’m trying to lean down a bit more for an expo or a photo shoot. I try to keep my lifts high intensity and incorporate plyometrics so my ‘cardio’ is completed during my lifts.

JC: At what point did you realize you wanted to help others, being a fitness instructor and nutrition specialists?
SD: In college actually. I’ve known my whole life that I wanted to help people in some way but wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to do it. I started personal training my sophomore year in college and fell in love with it. I strayed a bit after I graduated, thinking I wanted to be a nurse and help people that way, but shortly after I started the program, I realized where my heart really was.

JC: How important is it to you that you are always REAL on social media? A place where being fake is the norm.
SD: SO IMPORTANT. Excuse the caps, but this is one thing I cannot stress enough on my Instagram. It is amazing to me how people can live with themselves selling fake products, programs that are not backed by any education whatsoever (which can be very dangerous to users), and advertising bodies that have been “under the knife” multiple times as ‘natural’. It is ruining the fitness industry and ruining the trust between trainer and trainee. I feel as though it’s important for me to inform my followers so they can make real, educated decisions on what is going to be best for their body.
JC: Who are some of the people inside or outside the industry, who inspire you?
SD: I don’t have one inside the industry anymore. There was one gal who I heavily looked up to (I’m not about shaming, so I won’t mention her name). I thought she was genuine, I thought she had her followers best intentions in mind, and after being in the industry for a bit, I discovered she was creating meal plans with no background education, selling them to everyone (including very young girls), and selling a “gaining” plan that was restricted to only 1000 calories a day. WTF. There were no words to describe how disappointed I was, and I guess I can say now, she inspired me to NEVER EVER be that. My parents are my current inspiration, always have been, in all aspects of my life.
JC: What companies are you currently working with?
SD: I am a sponsored athlete for FATEfit supplements- I have the best team. I currently run my own private personal training business in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as online training. I also just started working with FRE skincare which is designed for skin that is constantly sweating- it’s awesome.

JC: A question a lot of our female readers ask is, how do you gain mass and still look feminine?
SD: I love this question. You will always look feminine as long as you don’t take anabolic steroids. The minute you step into the steroid world is where you risk losing your feminine features. As females, we don’t carry enough testosterone to become “bulky”. I suppose there are always genetic exceptions, but even then, there’s a lot more that goes into it. Don’t be scared to lift heavy! Those tight, fit booties you see on IG (if you can find one that isn’t designed by fat injections) were most likely built by a combination of heavy, isolation lifts.

JC: Any advice for someone just starting out?
SD: Find a coach who is educated, and in turn wants to educate you. Invest in yourself, even if it’s just for a short period of time. I don’t say this because I’m a personal trainer and I want your business, I just don’t believe you should have a trainer for your whole life. You need to make complete lifestyle changes, changes you can apply to your everyday life for your whole life. It’s a lot to take in and a lot to learn, so find someone who compliments your fitness journey, is passionate about educating you, and finds excitement in watching you crush your goals- the excitement is contagious.
JC: What do you have planned for the rest of 2017?
SD: I am stoked to say I have been working on a project for months now, it has actually been very difficult to produce, but it’s finally in the works! I have had so many requests for this exercise tool, so look out for its release late July. I have developed a plan to go with it (which I’ve tested myself-progress photos to come on the IG) and I will also host a challenge with prizes. I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for this! After that, I am continuing to just focus on my clients and help them crush their goals.

Bonus Questions:
JC: If I have one day to spend in Arizona, where do I go and what do I order. My 3 meals should be….
Breakfast: Snooze, the best skillets and the best banana pancakes in town.
Lunch: Protein House, they have awesome, healthy dishes. Their smoothie bowls are my favorite.
Dinner: Richardsons, you can’t come to AZ and not eat some authentic Mexican food. This place has the best green chili pork you’ve ever put in your mouth.
JC: When not working what does Sam Davis do for fun?
SD: I am outdoors! Well, when it’s not 120 degrees here in AZ. But I will always find an excuse to hike with my two pups or adventure to a new place I’ve never seen.
JC: Music or no music during your workouts?
SD: MUSIC 100%. Loud, most always EDM music. It keeps me in the zone and helps me pace my reps.

Sam is hella cool and refreshing in what can sometimes be a cloudy and confusing fitness industry. Can’t thank her enough for taking the time to share her story and opinions. Hands down one of our top Q&A’s so far! Keep up with what’s  next for this rising star by following her social media accounts:
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