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By: Joe Cardoso

As we end 2017 it has been awesome to interview so many great people in the world of fitness, some up and coming and others and international stars but one thing remains the same they inspire us to be better. Our last Q&A is no different and put to bed the theory that women should stick to light weights if not lift at all. Ruba Ali is someone who we will all be hearing about more and more in 2018. Ruba is a great example in today’s world of bullying being talked about, who used the gym and fitness to deal with problems. The theme throughout 2017 has been staying positive and enjoying the journey, get to know Ruba and roll into 2018 PUMPED.

JC: What sparked you to live a healthy lifestyle and get into fitness?
RA: When I was in middle school I always loved playing sports, the feeling of being stronger and facing challenges always interested me. I didn’t only like being active during on season so I started going to the gym when I was 13 years old and haven’t stopped since then. I started seeing changes physically and mentally, I grew an addiction to bettering myself, nourishing my body and embracing a healthy lifestyle.
JC: When first starting out what was the biggest challenge you faced?
RA: One of my biggest challenges had to be the lack of knowledge on how to properly train and nourish my body to accomplish my goals. Once I became a certified personal trainer, I realized how important it is to understand the human body in order to attain an overall healthier lifestyle.
JC: How did you come up with you’re first set of fitness goals?
RA: I was very competitive growing up, I remember always trying to lift as much as my brothers at the gym. I made a bet with them that I would be able to do pull-ups and worked every day to accomplish that goal.
JC: Most people know real change comes in the kitchen, what’s your approach to diet?
RA:  I’m a firm believer that its 70% nutrition and 30% training when it comes to accomplishing your goals and living a healthier lifestyle. I believe in enjoying treats, but also take it seriously when it comes to providing my body with the nutrients it needs to recover and grow. I would say what worked for me is eating whole foods about 80% of the time and indulging the other 20% of the time. That’s just what works for me.

JC: What brands or companies you work with currently?
RA:  As of right now I am not working with any companies, I believe in collaborating with people who have the same philosophy of fitness as I do.
JC: How do your breakdown you’re weekly workouts?
RA: Honestly, my weekly routines are constantly changing because I always progress my training. For the most part, I will train two muscle groups a day, always incorporating command movements and functional training. For example, for leg day I’ll start with squats or deadlifts and finish off with functional movements such as sled pushes, box jumps, etc.
JC:  When not in the gym, what do you do to unwind and relax?
RA: When I’m not in the gym you can find me exploring nature or spending time with my family. I really just enjoy staying low-key and enjoy the simple moments in life with the people I care about most.

JC: For someone starting out what advice do you have for them?
RA: My best advice is to be patient and consistent. You have to face trial and errors in order to get to your goals. You can’t follow a program that worked for someone else, you have to do the work yourself and find what works best for your own body. Understanding that it will take time, and prepare yourself for long-term goals is truly the key to embracing a healthy lifestyle.
JC: Some people say women shouldn’t lift heavy weights they become “manly” What is your take on this hot topic?
RA: I think anyone that has that perspective on fitness doesn’t have the proper knowledge behind the science and anatomy of the human body to understand that it is physically impossible for women to obtain a “manly” physique unless they are using illegal substances.

JC: What are some of the things you have coming in 2018?
RA: In 2018 I see big things happening for me. Every day I’m growing and learning, not only in fitness but also in the business world. I guess you’ll have to stick around to see what I have in store!
Bonus Questions:
JC:  If you weren’t doing fitness what career path would you be on?
RA: Believe it or not, but I’ve actually always wanted to be a Physical Education Teacher and coach for high school students specifically.
JC: Pick one Beach Day, Family Time, or Outdoor adventure and why?
RA: I would definitely pick family time because regardless of where you are if you’re surrounded by the people who matter most, you’ve got everything you need. Our time is limited, so it’s imperative that we don’t take it for granted and enjoy the time that we do have together.
JC: Who are the people who inspire and keep you going on those rough days?
RA: My parents have always had such a huge impact on me, they’ve raised me to be the hard worker I am and I’ve seen their struggles and how they have overcome so much in their lives. I just think about how strong they were and still are after everything they’ve gone through, and that keeps me going on the roughest days.
JC: What is the must-have cheat day food for you and why?
RA: My, must have cheat day defiantly involves sushi and dessert pizza! I love trying different specialty rolls and of course, I always have room for dessert. My go-to dessert pizza is layered with Nutella, cookie dough, peanut butter cups, brownies, and Oreos. I’m a huge food lover, so I most likely would have pizza and burgers too!

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Can’t thank Ruba enough for taking the time to chat, and TEAM NBS will be following her as she keeps rolling along the road of healthy living. Along with her twin sister who also is a beast in the industry. 2017 comes to end and we have a ton of exciting Q&A’s on deck for 2018 if you want to share your story please email us and inspire others to be better. Happy Holidays and enjoy the food you can work it off next month.

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