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By: Joe Cardoso

From music, movies, and fashion California is always a trendsetter. It doesn’t take long to get the vibe you feel when you are out there, and the people are very laid back and chill. But don’t let the chill factor make you think people aren’t out there grinding and chasing dreams, it is the home of Hollywood after all. Representing Los Angles our feature athlete is Morgan Dawson who not only is a personal trainer, but also the owner of City Society fashion line. Find out how it’s done in L.A., meet Morgan.

JC: First things first how did you get started with working out and fitness?

MD: I’ve always been into sports, I started playing basketball in 5th grade and played several different sports in high school (basketball track and golf). My dad is also a personal trainer which has influenced me a lot.  I was overweight in high school and after high school, I decided I wanted to take steps to get in better shape.

JC: What’s your normal workout routine like?

MD:  I workout 5/6 days a week and do full body most days. I’m really into weight and resistance training.

JC: What is your approach to nutrition?

MD: Nutrition is the hard part for me, I love sweets. But  I try and have all my cheat snacks in the beginning of the day and not late at night or right before bed. I juice 2-4 times a week, I love the extra energy boost it gives me! And I always make sure I have protein right after my workouts to keep my muscles growing.  I don’t stick to any specific diet plan at the moment.

JC: How do you stay motivated and who in or out of the industry inspires YOU?

MD:  I’ve worked so hard to get where I am, to ever have to start over would be terrible, lol … so I use that as my motivation. Serena Williams is an athlete that I look up to, I love how strong and confident she is, she’s worked so hard to be the best at what she does.

JC:  With all the tons of “fake” fitness athletes on social media how do you separate yourself?

MD: A lot of people just show the end results as if they’ve always looked amazing. I like to show my followers how I’ve progressed over time, and show that they can reach their goals too, with a little persistence and determination.

JC: Are you working with any brands or companies?

MD: My following is just starting to take off and I’m starting working with a few brands, but I want to keep my page as motivational as possible and not saturate it with promotional posts.

JC:  How did City Society start and how would you describe the look?

MD:  Fashion is something I’ve always had an interest in as well, I went to school for fashion design. I would describe it as modern, trendy and Sheik.

JC:  What’s next for you in 2017 and beyond?

MD: I’m currently working on creating new online fitness programs and more amazing content for my followers.  I really want my followers to get to know me and what I’m about.

JC:  Living out in L.A., where should I go if I’m in town for 24 hours?

MD: Santa Monica! There’s everything there, beach, cool bars, shopping and amazing food.

JC:  You can only pick ONE…Day on a boat, Day at the beach, or backyard BBQ?

MD:  Day on a boat for sure! You can’t beat being out on the ocean.

You got to respect people who set goals work hard and knock them down. Morgan is making moves and on the right track with her fitness and fashion business. Can’t thank her enough for taking the time to talk with me and when those snapback hats come out give your boy a buzz. To follow along her journey hop on her social media accounts.

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