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By: Joe Cardoso

And just like that 2018 is HERE! With the new year comes new life and fitness goals we want to reach. Most of us killed our diets over the holidays and there is no shame in that, who doesn’t love great food. Another thing we all talk about but never do is pursuing our dreams and quitting our day jobs to reach them. Well, a lucky few can work hard enough to be put in a position that its possible. A great gameplan and hard work are some of the things that made this possible for our first spotlight on fitness athlete get to know Toronto own Laura Davidson. With one awesome app, she has flipped the script and is on her way.

JC: How did you get into fitness and the healthy lifestyle?

LD: It all came together roughly one year ago when I launched my blog. In the past, I was always the person who participated in the “yo-yo fitness lifestyle” working out here and there and skipping the gym more often than not. I was done falling off the wagon time and time again and decided it was time to make a real commitment. I chose to launch a blog ( to document and publically commit myself to my journey. I took it day by day, learned as I went and shared all of my failures and successes.

JC: Whistle App is brilliant! How did it come about? Did you have any idea it would blow up the way it has?

LD: I came up with the idea for WHISTLE through my own personal struggle of trying to stay fit and stick to a regimented fitness routine. I tried working out with family and friends and found it was too easy and comfortable to cancel on one another. I actually turned to Tinder to match with other women (non-romantically) in the hopes of finding a workout buddy, and that was when the concept was created.

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to have their business baby grow up to be something recognized on a large scale. In the beginning, I was definitely a little stubborn and thought I was going to blow up overnight, but I quickly realized dreams don’t come true without a lot of hard work. It has been a dream come to true to be recognized as one of the top six apps worldwide for the community by the App Store and I cannot wait to see what the next year holds.

JC: Everyone talks about wanting to quit their jobs, but very few of us have the means to actually do it. How did you do it?

LD: Quitting my job was something I have toyed with for almost two years. Even before I started WHISTLE I knew this job wasn’t going to be my forever gig. I never felt fulfilled and I knew there was more I could be doing. There were three main factors/thoughts that lead me to actually quitting my job and knowing I could make it:

  1. Have I proven my business model with WHISTLE enough to know that it is a success?
  2. Did I have enough side hustle and side hustle income to support myself and cover things like my mortgage and everyday costs of living?
  3. Do I have a support system to fall back on in case I fail?


After answering yes to all three of these questions I knew I could do it. After that, it just came down to having the courage to make the change.

JC: How did your family and friends react?

LD: As I mentioned above, I had wanted to quit my job for about two years before actually doing so. Every time I mentioned this to my parents they would sway me into staying (I must add that I have a very supportive family and supportive parents, but they obviously felt comfort in knowing that I had a monthly paycheck coming in the door). So, once I said enough was enough, explained where I was at with my side hustle income, and told them it was time, they finally understood. They were worried initially (and still might be from time to time), but they understood and fully support my choices.

JC: You wear so many hats. What does a typical day look like for you?

LD: The beauty of entrepreneurship is that each day is always a little bit different and each day can be whatever you want it to be. The standards in my day are a workout, healthy meals that were either made in advanced or made that day if the time is available, answering emails and getting down to my to-do list. I have the luxury of bouncing between my home and my office so I can double down on house duties while working from home when need be. I normally have a full calendar planned out a week or two in advance so I can work around scheduled meetings or calls and get the most out of my time.

JC: Did you play sports growing up?

LD: Absolutely! I was a very active kid who did everything from competitive swimming, gymnastics, squash & tennis. In my teen years, I transitioned to team sports and played basketball for my city team, high school team, as well as recreationally in university.

JC: Staying motivated can be a struggle. What do you do to keep the juices flowing? 

LD: Now that I’m out on my own entrepreneurship wise the motivation seems to hold fairly constant. Just knowing that no one else is going to get this done for me is my motivation. I find writing down my goals/keeping a to-do list to be very helpful in staying motivated and focused. But in all honesty, a majority of the motivation comes from loving what I am doing.

JC: Congratulations on partnering up with Adidas! How did the Partnership come about, and what other companies are you working with?

LD: Thank you! There was no magic trick in partnering with the brand. It happened organically and has been an incredible opportunity. There is no magic trick or tip to brand partnerships. You need to be true to who you are and the right brands will find you. In addition to Adidas, I am also a brand ambassador for a skincare line called Flawless By Friday

JC: Without giving it all away, what are some of the things you have cooking for 2018?

LD: My goals for 2018 are focused on launching version two of WHISTLE and becoming more involved with public speaking and panel discussions. I am especially excited to reach some of the younger high school/university markets within these talks. In terms of fitness, my goals revolve around strength and improvement my overall performance in the gym.


JC: Who are some of the people in or out of the fitness world that inspire you?

LD: One of the top inspirers that comes to mind is Hanna Bronfman. She defines the word hustle and has a true impact on women worldwide. I am also inspired by my fellow fitness influencers here in Toronto as their hustle and grind is like no other out there.

Bonus Questions

JC: When she’s NOT working what is Laura doing to relax and have fun?

LD: When it’s time to relax or destress I either draw myself a relaxing bath or catch up on a few Netflix episodes. I find any physical activity to be my outlet for fun. I truly enjoy a good workout or pick-up game with friends.

JC: Toronto I hear is a GREAT city! It’s quickly climbing my MUST visit list. When I go where do I have to see and where do I eat?

LD: For a workout, your must is a gym called Myodetox Performance. It is hands down the best workout in the city with a solid community vibe. And when that workout is over, you can head to Impact Kitchen for an incredible post-workout refuel.

JC: You can only pick ONE, which would you prefer and why?

  1. Night out with friends, b) Family dinner, or c) A day at the beach

LD: Definitely b) Family Dinner. I know I’m biased but I have the most incredible family in the world. Whenever we’re together we have the most fun and it is always full of laughs and a few good jabs. Family also matters more to me than anything else in the world.

Laura is just getting started and follow her along the journey through her social media accounts:
Whistle App:

I can’t thank Laura enough for talking with me and getting off the 2018 spotlight series off to a great start. She will be someone that we will be hearing about and see a lot more from. Her story is a great example of not settling and grabbing your dream. Want to share your story with our readers? Email us and be put in the spotlight. Keep up with those goals and stay positive.

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