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By: Joe Cardoso

As the year winds down we have had a great time introducing our readers to some of the big names in fitness. Them taking the time to share tips and their journies so far has been really fun and hopefully maybe motivated some of you to try living a healthier lifestyle. Our next feature is a young lady who has taken her talents from the dance floor to the gym. Kira Hamilton-based out of NYC is on the rise and not slowing down anytime soon. Between photo shoots and time in the gym, I can’t thank her enough for letting me pick her brain on a wide range of topics. Anytime you interview a person who was named “Top Twenty-Five Best Abs on Instagram” by Muscle and Fitness Magazine Hers, you know it’s about to get real.

JC: How did a model and dancer, end up getting into fitness?

KH: I began my career as a professional dancer at nineteen. I realized how competitive it was so I knew I needed something that would give me the upper hand in auditions. I decided to start working out and became super passionate about it. People began to notice my new physique at the gym which encouraged me to try out fitness modeling. Since then I’ve learned a lot and have modeled for different boutiques and swimwear lines.

JC: What sports if did you play growing up? And do you still play any for fun?

KH: I didn’t play any sports growing up. When you grow up dancing it pretty much takes up all your free time.

JC: Break down a normal workout day for you.

KH: This morning I started with ten uphill sprints at 7am. Afterward, I did a high volume back and bicep workout. Sometimes I will split my cardio and weightlifting into two different workouts if I’m at a point in my training where I’m doing a lot of cardio. I go through periods of never doing cardio, it depends on my goals. However, weight lifting is a daily activity for me.

JC: If I asked you to name your favorite exercise, what would it be and why?

KH: Currently my favorite exercise is a back squat. I love how challenging it is and how excited it makes me when I can increase the weight. Not to mention the fact that it’s perfect for adding size and definition to the glutes.

JC: What if anything do you do for diet? Pre-made meals, gluten free? Any advice for someone looking to tackle the diet monster?

KH: I avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar, and processed foods high in trans fats and sodium. As a general rule, I always make my protein intake my priority. I fill out the rest of my diet with fibrous veggies and complex carbs. My body doesn’t function well on a high carb diet but other people may not be as sensitive to carbs. I encourage everyone to play around with their diet and find out what works best for them.

JC: Have you linked up with any fitness companies or have plans to start your own?

KH: I am not currently affiliated with any fitness companies. I will have the first of my own workout programs releasing by January 2017. And plan to continually add more to the website until there is a program that can fit anyone’s goals.

JC: It’s cool you want to help other people reach their fitness goals. Where do you think the passion for wanting to help came from for you?

KH: I know a lot of people who want to start working out but don’t know what to do so they become discouraged. I hope that by offering my knowledge I can help people to reach their fitness goals.

JC: If years ago someone told you this is the path you would take, what would you have said?

KH: I probably would have wondered how I was able to balance my passion for dance and a passion for fitness. If you had asked me even a year ago, I wouldn’t have thought that I would be working towards two different goals. I’m still learning but I think I have finally found a way that I can happily balance both for now.


JC: What is Kira doing outside of the gym?

KH: Outside of the gym I’m usually doing something pertaining to dance. If not that, I enjoy watching chick flicks on Netflix, doing photoshoots, and going out with friends.

JC: Who are some of the people in the industry or outside it that inspire/motivate you?

KH: My biggest inspiration is my mother. She always encouraged me to follow my goals, whether or not they changed every week or every day. So I hope that I can be successful and show her that all the sacrifices she made for me were more than worth it.


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