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By: Joe Cardoso

For most of us, the path we start off in life isn’t where we end up, and we stumble into our true passions. For our next athlete, we put under the spotlight that is exactly what happened. Back to the west coast we go and we meet Kaylee Ullom, a go-getter who is now a trainer and brand ambassador and soon to be a designer. A former track and soccer player this CSUF graduate  has the passion for being the best. With her busy days, I  was lucky to get a chance to pick Kaylee brain about a verity of topics. Anyone who can run 6-8 miles a day gets nothing but respect from me! Joining a growing list of positive young ladies who want to help others and inspire meet Kaylee Ullom.

JC: How does a track and field and soccer star, end up getting into fitness?

KU: It was actually during track season in college I “ran” into a back injury (pun

intended). From what I understood at the time it was because my running form was

exceptionally terrible. Here is why. I went from being a top notch sprinter in high school

to cross country in college. I was running maybe a mile to two miles a day during

training for the 200m, 400m, 4x100m, and long jump. When I tried out for the track

team at CSUF I trained myself running 6-8 miles a day with Sundays completely

off. Luckily during tryouts my time for the 5k was decent so I claimed a spot. I never

realized how difficult it would be converting over to a cross country athlete. For practice

, we would run roughly 10-12 miles three days a week. Two days a week would be our

“speed” days running 2-4 miles at our fastest pace. The last day of practice would

consist of a long run of 12+ miles. Now I finally got the hang of this until one meet

the course was so hilly, slippery due to gravel and the heat was unbearable. I was not

prepared. My form was off because I was pushing myself so hard. After the meet, I kept

feeling tingling down my leg and my lower back was so tight. I was then diagnosed

with sciatica. Which was very disheartening. I was doing physical therapy three times

a week, swimming the two other days and that was it! Finally, my PT agreed to let me

add in some weight! Which got me excited because my back was feeling SO much

better. I then started going to the gym on my own (once cleared by PT) and getting the

hang of doing more, lifting heavier. It took me a good six months to figure it all out

and get comfortable but now I am addicted. I feel better, I hardly ever have any back

pain and I am happiest as ever!

JC: Do you miss the sports you played? And do you still play any for fun?

KU: I do miss track not necessarily cross country. I do sprint for fun on occasion and I am

pleasantly surprised with my times now for the 100m and the 200m. I feel more athletic

now then I ever have.


JC: Break down a normal workout day for you.

A normal workout day for me would be; waking up, drinking a glass of water and

prepare myself some Kodiak Cakes with a glass of chocolate milk mixed with pasteurized

egg whites. I then grab another glass of water and take my FATE supplements which are

CLA and FishOil. Then I also take a multi-vitamin, calcium, and vitamin C! I start foam

rolling and loosening up my joints as my food digests so I don’t need to waste any time

once I am in the gym. Upon arrival, I warm up doing 10 min of stair master and opening

up my torso. I then get into my workout I have planned for the day. For legs, I am in there

for an hour to an hour thirty. For everything else, I can usually hammer it out in about

an hour! Post workout I go home drink my cup of egg whites stretch and foam roll some

more. Then I get to cooking’! My favorite thing to eat lately is my ground turkey with

jasmine rice, bell peppers, and jalapenos. I then take my puppy for a run to loosen up my body

some more.

JC: If I asked you to name your favorite exercise, what would it be and why?

KU: I absolutely LOVE squats. Which is probably because I can go pretty darn heavy. So it

feels good seeing that all my handwork is actually paying off. Not to mention that it’s a

compound movement that involves your whole body!

JC: What if anything do you do for diet? Pre-made meals, gluten free?

KU: I count macros! Most the time I eat pretty healthy; chicken, potatoes, eggs,

ground turkey, rice, etc.. But I do indulge on an occasional burger from In

n Out or donut from my favorite place, Krispy Kreme!

JC: How did you get hooked up with FATE?

KU: I was approached at the gym by my friend Colton, he trains at 24 hr Fitness. He asked if

I was interested and seemed awesome at the time! Getting noticed for my handwork? I

was flattered. I started out as an ambassador, my sales were creeping higher and higher

each month and eventually I was asked to be an athlete. I have been with them now for

almost two years and I would never turn back. We have such a solid team, we all look out

for each other, the products are amazing, and we all love being in the fitness industry.

JC: It’s clear  you want to help other people reach their fitness goals. Where do

you think the passion for wanting to help came from for you?

KU: I honestly think it came from being self-conscious about myself and my body. I was

always skinny and wasn’t always too pleased with my appearance or how clothes would

fit me. Once I started seeing how I could “sculpt” my body with weights I was so excited I

just wanted to share my experience. Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it.

I think a lot of my clients just need to hear that and need guidance on how to even get

started! Then once I hear and see their results, I cannot explain how proud I am. It’s better

than even seeing my own results. If I had to choose to help people attain their fitness

goals over my own, I would definitely choose them.

JC: If 4 years ago someone told you this is the path you would take, what would you

have said?

KU: I honestly wouldn’t believe them and probably would’ve thought it was lame. I was very

athletic and laid back. On my off time 4 years ago I was a total beach bum. Laying out

and surfing was my life outside of the track.


JC: What is Kaylee doing outside of the gym?

KU: Working! I work like crazy. I have never, not had a job. I was offered my first job at 15

and 1/2 and never stopped. I currently do marketing for KIND Healthy Snacks, Editor

of Health and Wellness for, freelance personal train/online train, and a

Fate Athlete. On top of all that I spend time with my puppy ( Copper), my family, my

boyfriend, and my closest friends.

JC: Who are some of the people in the industry or outside it that inspire/motivate


KU: I absolutely love and look up to Nikki Blackketter, SuzieB Fitness, and Katy Hearn.

Outside of the industry I have to say, my papa. He is the most hardworking man I know

and the love and generosity he has for our family is timeless.

Bonus Questions:

JC: Who is your favorite sports team or athlete?

KU: My favorite sports team(s) are the Chargers and the Rams. I am a football girl!

JC: You can invite 4 people from the past or present to dinner, who gets an invite

and why?

KU: Sally Ride – When I was little I always wanted to be an astronaut. I would read tons of

article and books on her when I was in second grade. She WAS the first woman in space,

like how cool is that?!

John Kavanagh- I mean do I have to explain this one?

Martin Luther King- I would LOVE to just talk about his point of view on the world today

especially with the current election/presidency.

Anne Frank- I am not a fan of history but learning about Anne Frank and the holocaust

was mesmerizing as a kid, even to this day. I have so many emotions about it and it

would amazing to sit down and hear it all from her.

JC: What’s NEXT for you?

KU: I plan on coming out with apparel. Fashion has always been something I have obsessed

over. Now with this new “athleisure” trend I am hoping to slowly design and release

concept ideas to my followers to see if I actually know what I am doing, so stay tuned 😉

You can keep up with Kaylee on social media.



I for one won’t be surprised if we see Kaylee apparel online in the near future, you can’t stop a dream chaser. I have to make sure I send my hoodie size haha. The movement for a more healthy lifestyle is rolling and we love to chat with people on the front lines. Looking to be put under the spotlight? Send us an email! Make sure to follow us on Twitter @NutsAndBoltsSp

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