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By: Joe Cardoso

Coming from the city in the south that never sleeps Miami comes our featured athlete of the month Katya Henry. It should come as no shock that the daughter of a personal trainer and active father would find her way to the fitness world. Her personal workout program is growing daily and her go-getter attitude is contagious. She has been featured in many popular magazines such as Maxim and Cosmopolitan and been in a music video or two. But she still remains true to who she is and her passion for helping other people be the best version of themselves. With a strong social media following to the tune of 3 million Instagram followers and counting. Katya is super busy and I couldn’t thank her enough for making time to talk with me. Don’t let the cute smile fool you, she packs a punch!

JC: How did we get to Workouts By Katya?
KH: After I quit competitive cheer, I noticed that I started to lose muscle. I started to go to the gym with my mom. She taught me what exercises to do to regain my muscle. To be honest, at first, I hated every minute of working out! But after seeing results, I was hooked. Soon after, my mom started to video me, so that I could see my form. I then put those videos on Instagram to share them. I had no idea that it would take off like it did! That is how my fitness journey began. I now have my own online fitness program called “Workouts By Katya”.
JC: Growing up did you play any sports or dance?
KH: Yes, growing up, I was a competitive cheerleader, beginning at the age of 10.
JC: Who are the people who influence you to pursue this path and follow your passion
KH : There are many people that influence me. Al Gore, for his persistent quest to educate the world about global warming. My sister, Tanaya for her constant drive and ambition. (not to mention she is so beautiful). Jen Selter, for her butt lol! IAnd my mom, for everything!!
JC: What is your typical workout week?
KH: I workout twice a week on my legs and butt. Two to three days a week I do upper body and abs.
JC: What are your views on females and heavy lifting? Do you lift heavy?
KH: My view on females lifting heavy is, yes! Females can be strong too. If you can lift it, do it!!! I lift pretty heavy on my legs and butt and I love it.

JC: What companies are you currently working with?
KH: I work with the best supplement company in the world, EHPLabs ( I  have been working with them for almost three years now. I also work with a fabulous tea company, called Teami. I also only work with other companies that are in line with my philosophy of health, beauty, and environment.

JC: Who keeps Katya motivated?
KH: Katya keeps Katya motivated mostly. But my fans really drive me too
JC: How satisfying is it for you to see your clients reach their goals and get the results they want?
KH: I can not even explain the feelings that I get when my clients reach their body and fitness goals! It is the very reason that I do what I do. It warms my heart to hear a person say that they love their body. In a world that is so critical, it is so important to love yourself and honor yourself.

JC: Where do you want to take the company you have started?
KH: I would love to own a gym in the near future.
JC: When not at the gym or working with clients what do you do in your spare time
KH: In my spare time, I love to go to the beach, hang with friends, and any outdoor activities!

Bonus Questions:

JC: How many tattoos do you have and which is your favorite?
KH: I have 6 tattoos!! My favorite of them all is my “BLESSED” tattoo on my hip.
JC What do you have planned for 2017?
KH: I am super excited for 2017!! My workout programs with be expanding! I will have my workout clothing company coming soon. And I am beginning to do a bit of acting!

JC: How did you become a vegan and do you miss the dark side aka “red meat?

KH: I became vegan about 10 months ago. I started eating differently, after watching my mom and sister. After getting educated on the subject, I decided to make a change myself. I do not regret my decision at all. I am very happy. I wish everyone would change their lifestyle to vegan. If anyone was curious about it, they should read the book “The Happy Vegan”, by Russell Simmons. It will change your life.
JC: You can have dinner with 3 people dead or alive, who are they are why?
KH: Bob Marley, because I love his vibe!
Marilyn Monroe, because I love her!
Buddha, because we could all learn a lot from the way he lived

Looking to get started with workouts by Katya? Visit her website and follow her on her social media accounts. It doesn’t need to be front row but when she makes it big in Hollywood, don’t forget us little people…just saying ha ha ha.


Instagram: @KatyaEliseHenry


Twitter: @KatyaEliseHenry

SnapChat: KatyaHenry

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