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By: Joe Cardoso

Hardcore basketball fans are known as hoop heads. And they know two things: Basketball NEVER stops and Ball is Life. With the game spreading worldwide so is its fan base. Healthy living and fitness are also fully international. I was lucky enough to find someone who’s killing it in the fitness arena and also happens to be a baller.  From the land of Australia and the city of Perth she wears many hats, Owner and Chef of Good Eats, FBO athlete, and trainer meet Jem Wolfie.

 JC: How did you become an FBO athlete, and can you tell me a little about it?

JW: I became a Fat Burners Only sponsored athlete in June of 2015 when I was approached by the local brand via social media and organized a meeting. I really liked the owners of the company and the products they sold and wanted to get on board so I signed a contract deal with them and I have been working with them ever since and I love it!


JC: Has health and fitness always been a passion of yours?

JW: Health and fitness have always been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I grew up playing lots of sports and was an active healthy kid. Playing basketball from age 10-17 in the WABL I also played tennis, did lots of swimming as well as MMA.

I got into training regularly at the gym at 17 after my knee surgery and I stuck to weight training ever since!



JC: What’s a day in the life of Jem look like?

JW:  An average day for me is I’ll wake up and start cooking meals for my meal prep business Good Eats. Deliver the meals in the afternoon, hit the gym, come home to eat and do some more work on my laptop and then I’m in bed around 10pm! On the weekends I just like to catch up with friends play some basketball and spend time with my dog and relax.


JC: Who are some of the people you look to for motivation and to inspire you?

JW:  My mum inspires me in life, she is a fitness freak and she’s nearly 60. She goes for 10km runs every morning, rides her bike to work 30km away, she rides her horses every day and works full time and has time for her friends and family too! She’s always pushing me to be better at everything I do no one else motivates me the way she does!


JC: You are a Chef! How did the concept of Good Eats come about?

JW:  I’ve been a chef for 8 years now and I decided I wanted to work for myself and run my own business 3 years ago. I started a sweets business doing healthy sweets and it turned into Good Eats which is my meal prep business. I love cooking for people so what better than to turn that into my career!


JC: I am a HUGE basketball fan and so are you. Where did your love for the game come from? And do you have a favorite player or team?

JW: Ball is life! I enjoy playing basketball I always have since I was a kid, it gives me an amazing feeling when I play I feel free and focused.

I do not actually follow any sports but I do sometimes go to games but I don’t have a favorite team but if I was to choose an NBA team it would be Spurs!

JC: What’s your take on Kevin Durant leaving the Thunder for Golden State?

JW:  Ha-ha well as I said I don’t follow NBA that closely but I did see that he’s leaving in the news and I thought he could have gone about it a better way than he did.



JC: Everyone has that moment when they realize a dream is coming true. Have you had that yet, and if so what where you doing when it happened?

JW: I haven’t had a “dream come true” moment yet as most of the things I dream of doing have not happened yet, but I do often reflect on how far I have made it with my businesses and I am proud of that.


JC: What’s planned for the rest of 2016 and heading into 2017?

JW: I’m going to put my head down and work hard until the end of the year so I can take 3 weeks off over Christmas to spend time with my NZ family. In 2017 I hope to travel around the USA and possibly expand my businesses!



JC: How important is it to you, to be a role model for young ladies?

JW:  It is very important for me to consider when I make any moves on social media that I may be a role model for younger women so I try to keep that in mind. My message that I try to get across to young girls is to do what makes you happy, be strong and determined and chase your goals, be confident in yourself and learn to love your body in its most natural state.

BONUS Questions:

JC: Who is better and why…Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron?

JW:  Jordan no explanation is even needed for that answer haha.


JC: What is Perth know for?

JW:  Perth is well known for its amazing weather and beaches, it’s a beautiful place to have a family and settle down. I’m so lucky to call this place home!


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