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By: Joe “Cartright” Cardoso

For the next spotlight on fitness we travel across the pond, and meet an up and coming WBFF (World Beauty& Fitness INC) athlete Jade Katy. The WBFF is all about fitness, beauty and modeling. Coming from Manchester England this former accountant is an outstanding example of doing what you love and are passionate about. In just over a year the progress Jade has made is impressive, but when you work hard the results come and her name is well know in the arena. Ahead of the WBFF Worlds in Toronto I had a chance to chat with Jade on a wide range of topics and even throw in a little futbol. When the quote “If you don’t like the life you live, change your life” was meant to be.

JC: For those who don’t know, What is WBFF and what separates it from other competitions?

JK: The WBFF an international organization that prides itself on finding the best fitness models across the world.  The WBFF is glamorous, the caliber of competition is always extremely high and the WBFF Pros that succeed are some of the top fitness models in the World.

JC: At what point did you know this is what you wanted to do?

JK: My journey in fitness began after I attended a fitness expo, I met the athletes and they truly changed my life.  I was at a point in my life where I was unhappy with the way that I looked and as soon as I got home I started going to the gym and I haven’t looked back since.  The gym is truly my happy place, it’s where I have fun, I sculpt and mold my body into what I want it to be, I meet new people and I work towards my goals which is currently the WBFF Worlds in 3 week’s time in Toronto.  If I can inspire just one person, the way that I was inspired to change my life then I will be happy!
JC: What advice would you give to young ladies looking to get into WBFF?

JK: The best advice I can give is to be true to yourself, competing is about genuine people who work hard and that’s what the fans of the WBFF look for in a winner.  Every single one of the WBFF Pro’s that are top in the World have their own story, their own journey and their own style; it is what makes the WBFF so special.  It will take hard work and dedication; it may take a number of attempts to get your WBFF Pro card but there really is no better feeling than being able to compete against the best of the best in the world of fitness modelling.

JC: How do you choose your workouts?

JK: My workouts are based on whether I am prepping for a competition or not.  At the moment I have been on prep for about 8 months as I had competitions back to back, but in that time I have seen a huge change in my physique so I would definitely say it is possible to make gains when you are not off season, there is no excuses to not give your absolute all in your workouts.

I have a weekly set plan of my workouts, they tend to concentrate on legs, booty (obviously!), shoulders, and back.  On top of that I have conditioning sessions to build a great core and cardio to finish off.  I have plenty of rest throughout the week as it is so important not to burn yourself out as you will hinder your progress.  When planning workouts, I would say focus on the areas that you want to build on but most importantly listen to your body!


JC:What do you do for daily recovery?

JK: As my workouts are intense, my body definitely tells me when it’s ready for a rest which is why I have a number of scheduled rest days a week.  To ensure I am in the best condition I make sure I get plenty of sleep, a minimum of 8 hours a night, I make sure that I use a foam roller after workouts and I book a sports massages every month.  I try to look after my body as I go as I know how disheartening it can be when you push yourself too far without looking after yourself and it can halt your progress.

JC: Your coach is Nathan Harewood, how did that come about? How important has he been in your success?

JK: Nathan and his coaching company Domin8 have been crucial to my prep this time around, I have seen changes in my body that I didn’t think would be possible in such a short space of time and he has really pushed me over the past 8 weeks to bring a completely new and improved version of myself to the WBFF Worlds stage.  I met Nathan at the WBFF London show in May and after getting to know him and seeing the work he has done before I decided to go with him and his team after deciding to change from my previous coach.

Nathan’s style of coaching is perfect, he is a true professional whilst being supportive, he’s an expert in his field, he knew exactly what I needed to work on and together we have achieved great things and I am looking forward to working with him in the long run.

 JC: You have your own company Jade Katy Fitness, What do you want to achieve with it and where do you want it to go?

 JK: In the long run I would love to open my own gym, at the moment I am a member of a number of different gyms as they all have different things to offer but they all also have the negative points so it would be amazing to open a gym that was purposely built for competitors.

I have other things in the pipeline too for jade Katy Fitness but you will have to wait for them to be announced! Haha

 JC: Who are some people in the industry that you look up to and have been inspired by? Why?

 JK: There are so many incredible women in the industry it is hard to just name a few! It really is great how much women build each other up and how supportive they are and we have really began to make a name for ourselves as in the past fitness was really a man’s game but that has all changed.

I remember when I first started fitness I found Andreia Brazier the WBFF 4x World Champion on Instagram and she was my ultimate girl crush, I have trained with her out in Dubai and she works incredibly hard so she still inspires me to this day.

I think Janet Layug is probably everyone’s ultimate girl crush right? I think she has the most beautiful physique and seems like a truly genuine person so she’s definitely somebody I look up to.

I have so many to name I would be here all day but I think the ones that really standout to me are those who are genuine and work hard, I think that shows the true nature of a person.

JC: How did it feel to win the WBFF Bikini Model Short 2016?

 JK: It was absolutely overwhelming! I couldn’t believe it, it was my first ever competition, I had worked hard for it but I understood that it can sometimes take years to obtain a pro card so to be awarded one on my first competition was really special.  I remember when I won I ran off backstage and the gorgeous Lisa from Flawless9 Tan was waiting for me and we just screamed together as I was so overwhelmed, I then ran off to find my boyfriend who definitely didn’t want the huge hug he got as I was covered in tan! Haha!


 JC: What has been the coolest thing you’ve done or place you’ve been; that “Wow. Is this really happening?!” moment for you?

 JK: The coolest moment for me has to be winning my WBFF Pro card it really was a dream come true.  Other than that I attended BodyPower expo in May this year and I think I really had a wow moment when people came up to me and said that they followed me and I had inspired them to get in the gym or to compete for the first time and I think that’s something so special.  To change somebody’s life and inspire them to do something that they wouldn’t have already done is priceless, it’s moments like that which make me work harder even harder and push me even more.

JC: What’s next for Jade Katy?

 JK: Well I will be attending the WBFF Worlds in 3 weeks’ time to compete to become Bikini World Champion.  All of my time and energy have gone into preparing for this so afterwards I think some rest and relaxation is in order and then I will be back in the gym making improvements for the next time I step on stage.  I have some great things lined up, my website will be launching soon with completely new content, I have events taking place in the new year and every day I will continue to try and motivate people do chase their dreams like I gave mine!

 JC: Being that you’re from England, what favorite football team and your favorite player?

JK: Because I am from Manchester I am a true Manchester City fan and I think my top player has to be Agüero!


With WBFF worlds right around the corner Jade is locked in and focused on having a great showing. Her drive and fighting spirit will will push her to the top of the industry for sure. With her hectic schedule I want to thank Jade for making time for NBS and giving us a look into the world of not just WBFF but an elite athlete. To follow Jade on her journey check her social media links.





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