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By: Joe Cardoso

The fitness spotlight is once again shining across the ocean and we find our athlete/model from Muttenz, Switzerland introducing Daisy Jae. She has been in the United States for over a year now and is on a mission to make a name for herself in the industry. As an undercover comic book nerd myself I knew this interview would be fun. In a short time, she has done a lot to impact her brand and also start to be in a position to help others reach their goals. At just 27 years old she is on her way.


JC:  What got you started down this road?

 DJ: It began with me leaving my country to follow my dream of living on the sunny side of the world, close to the ocean. I learned a foreign language and become Wonder Woman, lol. I always wanted to be in the  fitness world but never thought I could become a fitness model or a role model for others.

In June 2016 I went to Starbucks after my workout, like I do every day, and I met Lee Hagen from LHGFX, a Photographer from Los Angeles. He was behind me in line, and he started to talk to me. We sat down together and he started telling me about the potential he saw in me and how big I could become in the Fitness Industry. He taught me a couple things about Instagram and my Workout routine and how to keep my skin looking good for modeling. After that conversation, I immediately started practicing everything he told me.

I did not see him again for almost a year, but I kept up with what he told me. It was really hard for me during that time. I was all alone, not knowing anyone to trust and just learning English. I kept fighting. I also sent him messages and emails about needing to meet again. Nine months later he came back to Miami for photo shoot’s and we finally saw each other again. I told him that I was doing everything he taught me every single day. I told him about my body progress and how the fact he told me I had the potential kept me so incredibly strong. He was so impressed that he said I deserved to work with him. He was inspired by how driven and focused I was to accomplish what I had alone. Since then we share a wonderful working relationship and friendship.

JC: What is a normal day for you?


DJ: A normal day for me starts at 5AM with oatmeal and a protein shake. The absolute highlight of my day is heading to the gym for 2 to 3 hours. I always try a lot of new things and keep it as creative as possible. There is something new to learn every day, and that’s why it only feels like an hour to me. After that, I go to a school where I am studying for my Personal Trainer Certification. I head to work from 4 until midnight where I prepare smoothies and healthy food. Then I go back home eat, sleep and start over the next day.

JC: What sports do/did you play? And Do you follow any teams or players now?


DJ: When I was 16 I played rugby on a swiss team called the Birds. I also discovered tennis and basketball, but that was all when I was very young.


JC: If we open Daisy’s fridge, what would we find inside?


DJ: Haha not that much! Water, vegetables, some frozen fish and fruits and almond milk. My days are busy so mostly I eat at work.


JC: Break down your workout routine, and what’s the least favorite exercise for you?


DJ: I workout 7 days a week straight, 3 days upper body, 3 days lower body, one day only cardio (even though it’s supposed to be a rest day). It depends on how sore I am. Sometimes I only do arms and back, arms and shoulders,  or arms, shoulders, and core.The core is actually always working because it’s the center of the body, so I only do it really intense when I want to be shredded.


JC: Who are some of the people in the industry, and maybe outside, that influence and inspire you?


DJ: When I started a year ago before my huge progress became reality, I met a trainer

at the gym where I worked out that time. His Name is Adam Skiff and he inspired me and taught me a lot. I always think that if I am ever able to explain exercising the way he does, I’d be very proud. Everything I’ve learned was a big benefit for my future career.

In general, I am inspired by people who live their passion for being a trainer and help others to achieve with their best bodies; as opposed to those who see it as being about making money but do not really care.

I feel like if you are  passionate about something people will feel it and appreciate the full support you give them which can build an amazing work connection.


JC: Music matters and can make a boring workout great! Who are some of the must-haves for you?


DJ: I def need some electronic music when I do cardio because that is a part of my workout where I need more motivation. For the weightlifting part, I go with hip hop or old school stuff.


JC: So far what has been the coolest thing or place you have been. (photo shoot, crazy gym etc)


DJ: The coolest place I ever went was here in Florida, Inline Photography to a Photoshoot in a studio that had a real gym inside!!! That place was just amazing, what a combination.


JC: What are some of your goals as far as helping others get in shape, and building your brand.


DH: Definitely being a sponsored athlete for one of the big brands; having my own fitness clothing line someday, and competing is def in the near future. I also started taking acting classes a couple months ago, but where it leads is still a secret

JC: You seem to be into superheroes which is GREAT, so if you could be one who would it be and why?


DJ: Oh yes, I love superheroes!!! Since I can remember, video games and superheroes ruled my childhood. I love the fact that people call me Wonder Woman and Supergirl, but if I had the chance to choose, I would rather create one with my personal individual superpowers.


Bonus Questions:


JC: Everyone has a story behind their tats so why the snakes and did we miss any?

DJ: Yes,I do have a story behind that. First, I grew up with snakes as pets in my house. Second, I am a little suspicious about the fact that people are afraid of snakes and call them evil or bad animals because of the story in the bible which describes the animal that way. Unfortunately, I have extensive experience with dumb people who judge me for being blond. The whole, blonde people are not as smart as dark haired people joke. It was not always meant in a funny way from them which made me do this reminder for myself that just because something is spread all over the world does not necessarily mean it is true.


JC: Cheat Day for some people is crazy or super light what is it for you?

DJ: My must have foods, my only cravings are for pizza and ice cream.

With a work ethic like hers and a passion for being great it’s only a matter of time before we see BIG things from Daisy. When you make it to Hollywood, don’t forget us little people and slide us some tickets.

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