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By: Joe Cardoso

We all know that you get good results when you put the work in and do things the right way. This week’s spotlight Q&A is with someone who is doing just that. A fitness competitor and up and coming name in the industry coming from California meet Anita Timofeyev. Anita has competed in NPC but decided for her a switch to WBFF was better and she hasn’t looked back. Don’t let her height fool you she packs a punch and has the drive we look for in a real dream chaser.

JC: It is never boring to hear how people got onto the path they are on, so how did you get into fitness?

AT: I was 16 years old, I just had my first breakup with a boy and I had just purchased a 2-year membership to 24 that I’ve never used. I met a friend who dragged me into the gym and together day in and day out worked out for 3 months straight. We made sure not to miss a day. He introduced me to powerlifting and here I was 3 months into lifting a young 16-year-old girl who can deadlift and squat 225 pounds. I was excited and at that age, I knew I found my passion.


JC: Give us a breakdown of the day in the life of Anita Timofey?

AT: I wake up at 8am, I put all my food in the oven. I go on a morning run.  After a shower get ready eat breakfast, pack all my food and head out to work. I work 9-hour shifts 5 days a week. After every shift, I go to the gym workout for 2 1/2 hours go home shower and sleep. This is my set schedule.


JC:  What is your motivation on those days when you may not be feeling it? And who do you look up to in or out of the industry?

AT: My progress pictures. Looking back and seeing how far I’ve come and mentally telling myself that progress is slow and results don’t take over time. Patience is the most important key.  If I’m ever really tired I do take rest days. I like to listen to my body. If I can’t workout I won’t do it. My biggest inspiration is Andreia Brazier, I’ve been following her ever since I started my fitness journey. After seeing her compete and win overall in WBFF I realized that working out and putting on muscle and looking fit and toned doesn’t mean you’ll be bulky and have manly features. She was my ultimate motivation to become a fitness model.


JC: Diet plays a big part in all of this, what are some your go to foods?

AT: Chicken, Broccoli, and sweet potato. It’s my everyday meal and I know it’s delicious with any type of seasoning

JC: Do you have any tips for recovery? So many people let the day after stop them from reaching goals.

AT: Stretching. Stretch, stretch, stretch it’s my only go to when I’m tired and sore. Also, I like icing, especially after leg day. Supplements will also help with recovery. I like to drink glutamine and amino to help speed up recovery.



JC: When you are not in the gym what are some of the hobbies you have?
AT:Definitely snowboarding, I’ve been snowboarding for 6 years and I love the snow and nature. Summer time I like wakeboarding and taking vacations to the beachAT:Definitely snowboarding, I’ve been snowboarding for 6 years and I love the snow and nature. Summer time I like wakeboarding and taking vacations to the beach


JC: Have you ever been to Russia and do you speak Russian?


AT: No, unfortunately, I never had the chance to visit Russia. Yes, I’m fluent in Russian. Growing up I went to Russian school here in America.


JC: I love to hear the story/meaning behind people’s tattoos so spill it. Ha-ha.


JC: Ha-ha, of course, I have 2 tattoos. One is 3 birds on my wrist. I got it when I first moved out on my own and 3 months living on my own I got 3 birds tatted. I wanted something small I was going to go for a very small heart tattoo but I loved the idea of birds instead. The second tattoo I have is on my side rib. it’s a Greek quote “make me or break me I’m still going to fly” I had a lot of personal stuff I was going through and I felt like no one was supporting me in my dreams so it’s my definition of “support me or not I’ll still be going after my goals. ”



JC:  What words of encouragement or wisdom do you have for young ladies looking to get into this career path or just get in better shape?


AT: Definitely make sure you’re doing it for yourself. The only way you’ll see results is if you keep pushing yourself. There will be a lot of hard times when you don’t feel like you see results or there’s no progress and you’re the only one who can motivate yourself. Never stop. Even after you reached your goal always keep going. Remember why you started.


JC: What do you have cooking for the rest of the year and heading into 217? What’s the end game for you?


AT: I am focusing on myself. Bettering myself. I’m not competing this year. I’m finally happy where I am in life and I want to continue this streak for the rest of this year.


BONUS Questions:

JC: You are on an Island and get one album, one meal, and movie what are you taking and why?

AT: Album: The Weekend-I’ve been in love with his voice and every song tells a story
Meal: Pizza-I only eat pizza once in a few months and cmon who wouldn’t choose pizza???
Movie: hmm can it be a TV show? Criminal Minds. – I love every actor and every episode has a different story. Plus it makes you really think why a person behaves the way they do.


JC: You can quit forever one exercise, what are you giving up and why?

AT: Deadlifts- too much back pain.

JC: Now we men can be fragile are men intimidated by you ever?

AT: ha-ha always. Every person I talk to tells me they’re intimated because they think women who work out have their life together and their strong independent women who can handle herself.

Anita is well on her way to making a big impact and setting the stage for a HUGE 2017. Add her to our growing list of grinders working towards their goals. Follow Anita on Instagram @Anita_Timofey


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