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By: Joe Cardoso

We all do it and as much as we try to stop some of us just can’t. What am I talking about? Judging a book by its cover, you know the guy with tons of tats that ends up being a doctor. Or the girl who is all dolled up, and ends up being into sports and it goes on and on. Our spotlight on fitness athlete is someone people do that too. And they are so wrong! Coming at you from Sweden Aida Mesic is all about her business and is on the rise. When she’s not training clients in Paris or endorsing brands, don’t let the smile fool you she has big goals on deck.  As a fellow sneakerhead, her shoe game is official.


JC: How did you start this fitness journey? Did you play sports growing up?

AM: I used to play different sports all my life but I fell in love with basketball at an early age. After high school, I decided to go to the States and play college basketball. I went on walk-on for Santa Monica College in Los Angeles in 2011 and made the roster. I played there for one semester and then I had to go back to Sweden because of my work. Playing ball in college changed my life. The athletic level of the girls in the US was nothing compared to Sweden. I went from practicing basketball 3-4hrs a week in Sweden to training 3-4hrs A DAY in college. So when I came back home I just continued training hard in the gym. And since the basketball culture is not that big in Sweden my love for fitness grew. I did my first Bikini Fitness Competition in Nov 2012.

 JC: What do you love about the fitness world, and what do you dislike?

AM: What I love about the fitness world is that everyone speaks the same language. You can find a gym anywhere in the world and everyone is training the same way, and constantly working to become better. It’s amazing what you can do with your body with the right training and nutrition.

What I dislike is when it goes too far, when fitness takes over your regular life. I love to hang out with my friends and have an ice-cream or eat pizza once in a while without feeling bad about it.

 JC: What do you say to people who think you are just a pretty face, and not serious about fitness?
AM: I say, come to the gym with me and let’s get a leg session together.

JC: What is your weekly workout routine?
AM: I try to train 6-7 times a week and I usually divide my training sessions into muscle groups. But I love training legs so I try to do that 2-3times a week. And since I had a knee injury during my basketball years it’s very important for me to stay strong in my legs.

 JC: You travel a lot which is awesome! What are some of your favorite places to visit?
AM: LA is my favorite place on earth because I lived my dream there. But I love to discover different places and explore new cities. My most recent visit is Paris and I’m absolutely in love with the city, the architecture and the Nutella crepes.

 JC: What brands do you work with currently?
AM: I work with Six Deuce, GainX, and NJIE.

JC: When not in the gym what do you do for fun/relax?

AM: Hmmm I don’t know, squats?

JC: Do you have any advice for someone just starting to try and get in shape and change their lifestyle?

AM: My first advice is if you don’t have any experience in training and dieting talk to a personal trainer and they will help you get on track. If you can’t afford a personal trainer you can always go on youtube and get a lot of info. A lot of fitness people do vlogs where they talk about their training and dieting, you can learn a lot from their experience.

JC: What are your views on diet and how do you handle yours?

AM: Dieting should be a part of your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be extreme unless you’re going into competition or want to get in shape for summer. Other than that, a healthy lifestyle should always be your priority because your body will feel good and it will thank you in the long run.

JC: How long have you been a sneaker head, and what’s your favorite pair?
AM: Ever since I was a baller. I was always looking for new Jordan releases. My favorite pair is Jordan 13 “He got game” I got them in LA in 2011 and they still look brand new.


Bonus Questions:

JC: What are some of your favorite sports or athletes?
AM: As you already know I love basketball and my favorite player was Allen Iverson, of course, I loved Michael Jordan but I could relate more to Iverson’s game.

JC: Where should I go if I have ONE day in Sweden?
AM: Join my Booty Camp in Gothenburg. 😛

JC: What’s next for you in 2017?
AM: I started this 4-weeks Booty Camp in Gothenburg Sweden and I got really good feedback so I’m bringing my Booty Camp to Paris in July.

If fitness was street ball Aida has next! Much thanks to her for the time to chat and looking forward to seeing her continue her fitness journey. To keep up with her moves follow her social media accounts:


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