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By: Joe Cardoso

Welcome readers to the return of Spotlight On Fitness! It’s 2019 and we are back with more amazing athletes to showcase and inspire you with their stories. Each new year we make promises to ourselves to be more active and get in shape. Some of us stick with it all year, while others are back to old habits by the end of March. Let this column be the support system you need to stick with it and be the best version of yourself. To kick things off, we go to Canada and introduce you to Monique Kabel who will help you “unleash your inner badass.” Born in Hawaii and now living in Canada also helping put Kelowna on the fitness map let’s get to know Monique!

Joe Cardoso: Why fitness and how did this career path start?

Monique Kabel: Long story short(ish)- growing up I played a lot of sports, always active. Soccer, track and field, softball, basketball, you name it- my Mom had me in it.

So growing up with that type of athletic structure, I feel made a huge difference in my fitness-minded development. Also, I watched my Mom constantly participate in activities; whether it be marathons, triathlons, etc. I was exposed at a very young age, and it just carried over into my adult life. I did have a few years where I fell down the proverbial “rabbit hole” – typical early 20’s struggle. But I pulled myself out of it pretty quickly, and from there I actually discovered that it was my true passion.

JC: Growing up did you play any sports and do you take part in any now?

MK: As mentioned above, yeah- all the sports LOL. The ironic thing was that I was actually more interested in reading books, so my Mom would bribe me with hours in the library if I did well in my games (or even just went). I was somewhat of a natural athlete, but it wasn’t something that I really wanted to do- from the social aspect, I was very introverted and shy.

JC: We hear stories good and bad about being in WBFF, what was the experience like for you and what advice would you give someone looking to get in it?

MK: As a competitor who has obtained their WBFF Pro status, then relinquished it, and is NOW trying to get it back…. well I think that says a lot in itself. I love the WBFF, I mean, yes it’s a bit more expensive to compete in, but the experience is unmatched to any other federation. As far as advice- get yourself a good coach, someone who is affiliated with them and knows the WBFF’s expectations inside and out (like me). ????

JC: What is the biggest thing you have learned about yourself during this journey and why?

MK: It is hard to nail it down to one single thing, I am always learning and growing, especially as a coach and competitor. I would say a big lesson for me has been- when I think I can’t give it anymore, I have another 50% left in me to give. Quitting too quickly does not equate growth- in muscle building or in building your business.

JC: Training both men and women is AWESOME, what are some of the differences you have found?

MC: Besides the obvious that men can lose weight much more quickly- they can be very similar. It’s all very individual, so hard to comment on such a general question!

JC: For me and most people yoga looks pretty intimidating why are we wrong about that or are we right?

MK: Yoga can definitely be intimidating, but isn’t everything the first time you do it?

JC: It feels like everyone has some online training program, what makes yours stand apart?

MK: My online coaching is fully customized. From the meal planning style to the workouts to the mindset calls I provide my clients with when they need. I focus on building my clients up and use a very community-based approach. WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER, because really, as a coach if my client does well, I do too. While I don’t disagree with generic membership style programs, I believe there is a time and a place for them. Advanced clients roll over into a more maintenance style program after they have had their transformation and are comfortable with a little less support. But initially- the support I provide is huge, also why I only accept limited new clientele. ????

JC: Without giving away all of your secrets what advice would you give someone walking into the gym for the first time?

MK: Ignore what everyone else is doing and focus on YOU.

JC: With the growing number of females getting recognized in all area of sports how inspiring is that, and do you feel any pressure to keep the ball rolling?

MK: Its incredibly inspiring and I am obviously pro – empowering women.

JC: For those who know nothing about it explain the Bikini Bliss Challenge.

MK: The challenge is a 12 week online interactive training and nutrition program – each challenger gains access to my app where they have access to myself and their programs! At the end of the 12 weeks- the biggest transformation receives a trip to Hawaii to shoot with celebrity photographer – AJK Photography.

I created this to not just help build a community of like-minded women who have the same struggles, but also the same goals, and added a bomb a$$ prize because, I have been on the other end of the lens a lot, and man, its pretty f*king empowering! I want every woman to have that opportunity to feel like that.

Bonus Questions:
 JC: What is one cool thing about British Columbia no one knows about?
MK: Not sure about all of BC – but I do know that Kelowna is beyond beautiful! And beyond that- the people, the sense of community, the compassion- oh man, this place has my heart. I love it more than I could ever express. BEST. DECISION. EVER. (moving here)
JC: You are a standup paddleboarder, you could go anywhere in the world and explore, where are you going and why?
MK: Hawaii- because I’ve been a lot of places, and there’s still no place like home ????
JC: Who inspires you?  
MK: My Mom and my best friend, Mindy Harley
In a world of Instagram editing and fake get fit quick scams Monique’s passion for what she does and who she is rocks. The industry could use more like her with that type of mindset. I thank her for the time and also making me see that Hawaii needs to be on my travel bucket list. Follow her along the journey through social media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/monique_kabel
All these amazing photos are from AJK Photography 
This Q&A is just the start of the Spotlight on Fitness 2019 column stick with us for more exciting Q&A’s and keep the conversation going by following us on Twitter @NutsAndBoltsSP or Facebook. Until next time crush goals, stay positive and keep pushing. Who will be under the spotlight next?


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