Spider-Man Homecoming Review

By: James Graves
SPOILER WARNING!! Spoilers Below.
Marvel has once again provided us with another great summer super-hero movie. Spider-Man Homecoming was not only the best Spider-Man movie Since Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 2, but is arguably the best Spider-Man movie that has been made in my opinion. Marvel did an incredible job with telling a Spider-Man story that we haven’t seen before. This starts with the decision not to include Uncle Ben in this movie. We’ve seen the Uncle Ben murder and heard his famous line with “great power comes great responsibility” more than enough. I love Marvel’s boldness in not including the man who kick starts Peter’s web slinging adventures and it also shows that they wanted to make a different Spider-Man origin movie. Now while Uncle Ben wasn’t in the movie Peter definitely has a mentor and someone who teaches him about responsibility, in Tony Stark’s Iron Man. The previews made it seem like we would see a lot of Tony in this movie and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that is not the case. Marvel did a good job with his cameo and it made sense to put him in the role of Mentor. Tom Holland does a fantastic job playing Peter Parker, and this is the first Spider-Man I actually believed was a high school student. In fact Holland’s performance as Peter is what makes the movie so great. Holland does a tremendous job balancing his performance as Peter the awkward student, and Peter the fledgling Spider-Man who wants to prove himself to Iron Man and become the newest avenger. Homecoming also does a great job avoiding a pitfall that almost all Marvel movies succumb to and that is the villain.
Michael Keaton does a great job portraying Vulture and his story is one that everyone can relate to. In fact by the end of the movie you can barely consider him a villain just a man who’s trying to provide for his family and gain some control over his life in a world full of super-heroes. Vulture starts stealing Tech from Tony’s clean-up project, and uses it to create new and dangerous weapons to sell on the black market. This is the main storyline of Homecoming and it is up to Spider-Man to stop him. Homecoming is perfectly paced, I never felt it had a moment where the story dulls or drags. Like all Marvel movies Homecoming has it fair share of humor and uses it very effectively. All of the web slinging scenes were a joy to watch and there’s one particular scene earlier movie that is a riot to watch and I can totally see that in one of Spidey’s comic. Marvel totally nails their first crack at the Webhead, and I for one hope that once Sony gets the reins back they will continue to go in the direction that Marvel has laid down.

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