Should the Yankees trade for Nolan Arenado?

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Reports have recently surfaced that Nolan Arenado is currently unhappy with the Colorado Rockies and might be seeking a trade. Although he’s in the debate for the best 3rd baseman in MLB last offseason, he signed a huge eight-year $260 million contract. Should the Yankees make a deal for him?

Arenado would be an upgrade for almost every team at 3B. With his gold glove defense and middle of the order bat, he is a very valuable player. In 2019 he posted a .315/.379/.583 slash line to go along with 41 HR and 118 RBI. He picked up his 7th straight Golden Glove in 2019 and has also won the Platinum Glove the past 3 seasons. 3B is not necessarily a need for the Yankees as they already have Gio Urshela coming off a career year and Miguel Andujar returning from shoulder surgery after finishing second in Rookie of the Year voting in 2018. So yes, Arenado would technically be a luxury more than a necessity, but when you have the opportunity to add a top 10 player in the MLB, teams usually go for it.

Arenado is an amazing player, and his current contract reflects. He signed an 8 year 260 million dollar extension last offseason with the Rockies. Now frustrated with the Rockies seemingly not doing anything to become contenders, he’s shown signs he wants out. However, Arenado’s contract is likely what is stopping most teams from trading for him. Its well-known money is not a problem for the Yankees h; however, the Yankees shelled out another big contract this offseason to SP Gerrit Cole for nine years 324 million. Their current payroll is sitting at around 245 million, and adding Arenado’s 32.5 AAV puts them at around 277 a number even high for Yankee standards.

The other element is what would you have to give to get Arenado. That is all dependent on how much money that the Rockies are sending or if they receive any high-cost players. Even still with Arenado’s monster contract, the return will not be what it typically is for a player of Arenado’s caliber. To envision what a trade would be like for the Yankees it would probably be looking at top pitching prospect Deivi Garcia, 3B Miguel Andujar, OF Clint Frazier, and SP JA Happ to unload some money on the Yankees side of the deal. In this scenario, the Yankees would still be adding about 15 million for luxury tax purposes. Colorado would also receive a good bat who needs work on defense in Andujar and Clint Frazier who is also a good hitter but needs defensive work, in addition to the 21-year-old Garcia.

In the end, this is doubtful that the Yankees acquire him due to financial reasons but there is still some hope. Arenado’s no-trade clause gives him the leverage to go basically anywhere he wants. Similar to Giancarlo Stanton h,e basically gets to pick the place he wants. In a similar situation where the Yankees weren’t planning to go after Stanton h,e leveraged his way into his preferred destination. If Arenado truly wants to play for a contender were better than New York with the Yankees who are 2020 World Series favorites? This is a move that the Yankees should make however it isn’t a must. The roster in its current form is likely good enough to win a World Series. Adding a top 10 player can never hurt though.

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