Should the Cowboys Pay Dak?

There is plenty of controversies when it comes to QBs in the NFC East. The Giants and Redskins both have unproven rookie QBs. The Eagles just signed Wentz, who has yet to avoid the injury bug his whole career to a four-year extension worth over $128 million. Finally, the Cowboys are in contract talks with Dak Prescott.

There has been a lot of debate about how much Dak Prescott is worth. Some believe he is worth over $30 million and should be paid as a top tier QB. There are also fans who say Prescott is highly overrated and should be making around $25-$27 million range. There are valid points on both sides.

Reports have come out that Dak and his agents are asking for $34 million annually. This may come to a surprise for some fans who were hoping Dak would take a discount to continue to play for “America’s Team.” It is difficult to say Prescott is worthy of being paid like Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.

Here are a few reasons the Cowboys might want to hold back on making Dak the highest paid QB in the league.

He is unproven without Zeke

Zeke missed six games in 2017. This was Dak’s moment to prove he was the real deal. Instead of lighting it up, he did the exact opposite. The Cowboys started 0-3 at the beginning of Zeke’s absence. Dak failed to throw for 200 yds in any of those games. He averaged only 166 yds and couldn’t even muster one TD pass.

Dak and the Cowboys then rode a three-game winning streak and ended up 3-3 without Zeke. Dak averaged 215 yds and threw for 5 TDs in those final three games. His only good game without Zeke came against the 2-11 Giants in which he threw for 332 yds and 3 Tds. Outside of that one game, Dak didn’t impress.

Altogether, without Zeke, Dak only managed a total average of 190.5 passing yds and .8 passing TDs per game. It is clear that Dak needs Zeke or at least a strong run game to mask Dak’s inability to throw the ball when the Cowboys are one dimensional.

Cowboys won’t be able to pay everyone

Since Dak got drafted by the Cowboys in 2016, he has been surrounded with a strong supporting cast. When that cast has been taken away for a short time (Zeke’s suspension, O line injuries, average receiving core), he has struggled. If Dak ends up getting a $30+ million contract, he can wave goodbye to having elite offensive weapons and a top defense.

The Cowboys already paid Demarcus Lawrence a ridiculous amount with his new contract. If Dak indeed gets paid like a top tier QB, there is no way they can manage to pay Cooper, Zeke, the O line, and the young LBs Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch.

Look around the league

Before Jerry Jones dishes out $34 million to Dak, he should take a look around the league. He needs to look at the QBs who have signed big contracts. Only 1 out of the top 8 highest paid QBs made the playoffs last year.

It is difficult for a team to find success when most of their money is going towards one player. The quarterback is the most important position in football, but that still does not mean you can win with just a good QB. A team also needs offensive weapons and a solid defense to be successful.


If the Cowboys were smart, they would not pay Dak $30+ million annually, even if that is what the current market is. He has yet to prove he can put the team on his back and win. Without a great supporting cast, I do not see him being a QB capable of making the Cowboys contenders.

Football is the ultimate team sport, so relying on one guy to lead your team is not going to work. The Cowboys should try and convince Dak to take less money. If he refuses, simply move on. Dak is not an elite QB that is irreplaceable.

Ryan Cooley
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2 Comments on Should the Cowboys Pay Dak?

  1. I disagree, take Dak off the Cowboys roster and they would be in far worst shape. I am not the type of person that believes that one person’s salary will bring the entire team down. During the year’s you are paying a quarterback max dollars is when you are supposed bring in guys at a bargain price. You also need to be smart during the draft as well.

  2. I definitely agree a team needs to bring in quality players on a reasonable price and draft well after paying their QB big money. However, the Cowboys won’t be able to keep the talent they have now if they pay Dak $34 million. Dak is not an elite QB like Brady, Rodgers, and Brees that can take just quality players and win a championship. He proved that when Zeke got suspended and only averaged 190 yds and .8 TD passes per game. I believe Dak is a good QB, but “good” QBs in the past have proven it challenging to win without having a strong supporting cast.

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