Shaquille O’Neal

SHAQ & Shareef O'Neal

By: Julio Olmo

Nobody ever sends Goliath a thank you note, so…I am going to do it.

SHAQ thank you for everything you do, but more importantly thank you for never showing up in any video with a bowl of cocaine, a bunch models or on the front page of any newspaper’s sports section holding a Glock, my kids read the paper backwards every day just as I do.

Thanks for never getting stopped for driving down a highway at 3:00 am with your blood-alcohol somewhere in the triple digits.

Thank you for never being accused of domestic violence.

Lots of us have daughters!

Thank you for dressing up as SHAQ-A-Bunny in Eastern and SHAQ-A-Claus at Christmas.

Thank you for smiling.

You fall on your ass doing your crazy stunts and you get up laughing, meanwhile Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has to schedule a smile once a year.

Thank you for having the self-control to put up with the Hack-A-SHAQ during your playing career.

Best wishes on your son’s health.

Good men raise good men.

Thank you for repeatedly doing the right thing.

I just thought somebody ought to say thanks, Big Guy



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