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(Pic Credit: Jerry Rivas)

By: Joe Cardoso

The Island of Hawaii is known for beautiful beaches and landmarks that will make you want to move there yesterday. It is also the location of our next athlete to be put under the spotlight, she is an army veteran turned Bikini competitor and is on a mission to motivate and inspire. It is refreshing to meet someone so down to earth and not afraid, to be honest about their journey. Get to know Savannah Rahman!
JC:  First of all, THANK YOU for your service! How does one go from the Army to being an up and coming name in fitness?
SR: Well thank you so much for saying I am an up and coming name! I joined the ARMY Reserve at 17 but was never very athletic growing up. After returning from basic training, I resumed my office job along with my sedentary lifestyle for a few years. One day I realized I had gained about 15 pounds and was very unhappy with my overall health. So I worked with a personal trainer and not only lost the weight but found my passion for fitness.
JC: What is your athletics background?
SR: I have tried yoga, pilates, Barre, cycle, long distance running and Crossfit…bodybuilding is definitely where it’s at for me.
JC: What is your workout week like?
SR: My routine evolves every 4-6 weeks according to my current goals but I typically work 2 body parts per day with an emphasis on shoulders and legs. I never omit cardio completely but it varies from 30 minutes per day to 2 hours and I do everything from hiking to jumping on a trampoline.

(Pic Credit: Jerry Rivas)

JC: When did you decide to become a bikini competitor?
SR: I have had the desire to compete for years but it wasn’t until I quit drinking a year and a half ago that I actually went for it.
JC: What companies are you currently working with?
SR: I am sponsored by Stance Supplements, Kool Bodies Apparel, KO Swim Hawaii and Fit Food Maui. I have been extremely fortunate in terms of my sponsorships and I am passionate about what each company has to offer.

(Pic credit: Jake Berthelot)

JC: Who are some of the people in or outside of the industry that motivates and inspire you?
SR: Paige Hathaway, Jessica Arevalo and Jen Heward to name a few. All of these women portray the exact type of person I strive to be: strong, genuine and motivated. Outside of the industry would be my mom. She is the strongest woman I will ever know.
JC: How do you stay motivated?
SR: I don’t. I lose motivation just like everyone else but it doesn’t last long because I look at the hard times I have overcome in the past and realize, this is no different and it will pass.

JC:  Everyone has their take on nutrition/diet. What is your approach?
SR: I am a huge advocate of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). I believe that you are much more likely to stay on track if you don’t constantly feel deprived. I have made brownies with protein and zucchini in order to fulfill a craving and meet my macros. Never go without dessert!

(Pic Credit: James Thorpe)

JC: What advice would you have for a newbie?
SR: Small changes! I always tell my clients they don’t have to start out going to the gym 5 days a week and be on their meal plan 100%. In fact, I prefer they don’t. Some people I advise to just see me for one training session a week and start drinking a gallon of water. Others I advise to supplement potato chips for broccoli and walk 20 minutes a day. It all depends on the individual but small changes amount to big results no matter what.
JC: When not working out, what do you do for fun?
SR: My boyfriend and I are all about that Maui life. We go on adventures to waterfalls, mountain tops, secret beaches, and rainforests weekly. In fact, we schedule “fun” into our calendar because that is how important a good work-life balance is to us. Besides adventuring, I of course love to eat so we do a fancy dinner now and then or a “not so fancy” donut shop stop. But even if I am stuffing my face at the bottom of a waterfall, I am ALWAYS working; planning photoshoots, thinking up new workout routines, designing my new donut t-shirt line, etc.

(Pic credit: Jerry Rivas)
(Pic Credit: Jerry Rivas)

Bonus Questions:
JC:  You can invite THREE people to dinner dead or alive. Who are they and why?
SR: Emeril, Paula Deen and Bobby Flay…so they could cook for me.
JC: What is on the current Savannah Rahman workout playlist?
SR: I really dig that Skrillex vibe but I also mix it up with The Chainsmokers, Borgore, Godsmack and Kanye…basically anything upbeat and/or angry.

This won’t be the last time we hear about Savanah her attitude and drive is world class. So many people have doubts when they think about fitness you need a go-getter with a positive outlook like hers. I want to thank her for taking the time to chat with me and I’m excited to see what’s next. If I ever make it out to Hawaii I have one person to call to find out all the cool locations.

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