Has Rex Ryan Become Biff from Back to the Future?


By: Monte Perez

Rex Ryan has named IK Enemkpali co-captain this week when his Bills visit MetLife Stadium to take on the New York Jets in the Thursday Night Game. Enemkpali is the player who punched Geno Smith in the face and broke his jaw. The Jets waived Enemkpali after the altercation and Buffalo signed him immediately. This is nothing new for Ryan, he preaches about being a bully. In his press conferences he has repeatedly said, “We are going to bully people and smash them in the mouth.”

I don’t know what happened between Geno and IK, I wasn’t there. What I do know is that the NFL is filled with off the field issues that include assault, DUI’s and domestic violence. The fact that Ryan has done this is really remarkable. Life is about evolving, growing and learning, Ryan hasn’t done any of this since he has become a head coach. The fact that Rex would make this man his captain is a slap in the face to the organization (The Jets) that gave him his first head coaching opportunity. Rex is like the bitter ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who posts on Facebook how happy they are but they are beyond bitter that their partner has moved on to bigger and better things. This off-season the Jets moved on to Head Coach Todd Bowles and they are much better off.

The Jets played the New England Patriots a few weeks ago and there was nothing in the media or no billboard quotes. The Jets are professional and accountable. Under Ryan the Bills had high expectations but they are 4-4. Bill Parcells once said you are what your record is, Ryan is 50-54 as a head coach. That is not even a winning percentage of .500. Rex is supposed to be a defensive coach but I have seen coaches and teams adjust to his blitz packages over the years. His last two season with the Jets his defense set the NFL record for least amount of caused turnovers in a 2 year span. The Bills were an elite defense last year. So far through 8 games they are ranked #27 in sacks, and 1st in penalties. His team is undisciplined and will always self-destruct.  To a man the Bills have one of the most talent rosters in the NFL. But they aren’t playing like it.

If the Bills wanted to give IK a second chance fine, but for Rex to make him the captain shows what a wannabe tough guy he is. Would the Patriots, Giants, Packers or Steelers do this? The answer is no they wouldn’t because they run their organizations like professionals… not like a fraternity. Rex is a used car salesman who is more concerned about “machismo” and making headlines off the field because he can’t make headlines on the field. This is not the 1970s or 1980s where you hurt people intentionally on the field.  No NFL organization worth their weight in salt gets intimidated by a team. You can play smart, disciplined football and be tough. The NFL is constantly doing anti-bullying campaigns yet Ryan keeps using the bully terminology.


 Rex has supported IK by giving him a job. He is disrespecting the NFL, the Jets and Geno by making him captain for this week’s game. A player assaulted another player and Ryan is rewarding that kind of behavior. In one simple word, it is CLASSLESS. . Rex is part of the problem with the NFL not the solution. Rex Reminds me of Biff From Back to the Future in every way.


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