Redskins Draft Grade/Recap


RD 1/Pick: 15: Dwayne Haskins (QB)

RD 1/Pick 26: Montez Sweat (Edge)

RD 3/Pick 76: Terry McLaurin (WR)

RD 4/Pick 112: Bryce Love (RB)

RD 4/Pick 131: Wes Martin (Guard)

RD 5/Pick 153: Ross Pierschbacher (Center)

RD 5/Pick 173: Cole Holcomb (LB)

RD 6/Pick 206: Kelvin Harmon (WR)

RD 7/Pick 227: Jimmy Moreland (CB)

RD 7/Pick 253: Jordan Brailford (DE)

Picks I Loved

Dwayne Haskins: Haskins has the potential to be a franchise QB in my eyes. He and Murray were the only QBs in this draft I felt confident labeling as possible franchise QBs. At Ohio State, Haskins put up jaw-dropping numbers. In 14 games he threw for 4,800 yds and 50 TDs while only throwing 8 INTs. The Redskins were desperate to find a QB for the future, and hopefully, Haskins is the long term answer.

Montez Sweat: When the Redskins moved back into the first round, I thought it was for a WR. So when the commissioner announced Montez Sweat, I was caught a little off guard. However, I am glad they chose Sweat over a WR because they needed a legitimate pass rusher outside of Kerrigan. Sweat should have been a top 15 pick, but from some teams worried about his heart condition (which looks to have been misdiagnosed) and how loaded this draft was defensively, he fell, and the Redskins got an absolute steal.

Wes Martin: The Redskins had a huge need at LG, and Martin can hopefully fill that. While “Big Wes” still needs to develop more before becoming a solid guard in the NFL, watching his tape should give a lot of Skins fans hope that he can help anchor down the left side of the offensive line with Trent Williams.

Picks I liked

Terry McLaurin: Haskins tweeted out prior to the draft that whatever team selected him should consider taking one of his WRs at Ohio State. The Redskins did just that in the third round. McLaurin is a speedy receiver who ran a 4.35 forty time. He is a home run hitter with him averaging 20 yds per reception his senior year. On only 35 catches, he managed to reach 701 yds and 11 TDs. With McLaurin and Haskins already having chemistry in college, I expect him to have an immediate impact on the offense.

Kelvin Harmon: While I do not think Harmon is going to turn out to be a  #1 WR in this league, I was more impressed that the Skins got him in the 6th round. I think Harmon was a late 4th round talent and has the potential to be a #2 WR. The Redskins needed receiving help desperately, so I expect Harmon to get some playing time right away.

Picks I Didn’t Like

Bryce Love: If someone told me a year ago that the Redskins were going to get Bryce Love in the fourth round, I would have said that is the biggest steal in draft history. Love was a Heisman finalist his junior year in which he eclipsed over 2,100 yds and scored 19 times. However, his senior year was nothing short of a disaster. It was plagued with injuries and lackluster play. His yds per carry entered free-fall mode with him averaging 8.1 yds/carry his junior year to only averaging 4.5 yds/carry his senior year.

The Redskins RB room is already packed with Guice coming back, Peterson getting resigned, and Gruden said he wants Perine to get more touches. The pick also did not make a whole lot of sense with the Redskins curse of injuries and Love’s injury prone triat. In his last two seasons at college, he racked up four injuries.

Jimmy Moreland: I understand the pick because they need nickel CB after they shipped Kendall Fuller to Kansas City last season. However, Moreland has a very small frame, and that is going to be a significant disadvantage when playing bigger WRs in the NFL. The biggest problem I have with Moreland is that in 2016, he was dismissed from the team for stealing and violating team rules.

Final Draft Grade: A-

The Redskins did a masterful job in the first round snagging two top 15 players in Haskins and Sweat, in which both should have a huge impact right away. They also addressed the WR problem, and while only time will tell if it solved, I think they made a solid effort in surrounding Haskins with potential weapons. The Skins also bulked up their offensive line and at the very least added much-needed depth.

Overall, they did a great job and had a better draft than most other teams. If they can somehow stay away from major injuries, there is no reason to believe this team is not playoff material.

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