Red Sox Yankees Rivalry Is Back


Red Sox Yankee Rivalry Has Life

What we saw on Wednesday night at Fenway Park, is what we’ve been missing for over a decade. The rivalry between these two teams goes all the way back to 1918. The Red Sox Yankees rivalry since 2004 has been very quiet and boring until the Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton. When the Yankees got Stanton the rivalry started to take shape. The Yankees were already a pretty good hitting team, but adding the powerhouse in Stanton that should’ve put them over the top.

The Red Sox were missing the power hitter in the middle of their lineup.  Red Sox would sign J.D. Martinez and it looked like the rivalry would be back on. Well, we found out for certain on Wednesday night. When Tyler Austin slid into second base and spiked Brock Holt’s leg. In the seventh inning, Joe Kelly hit Tyler Austin and Austin would charge the mound. Joe Kelly said “let’s go” to Austin and it was a bench-clearing brawl between the two historic franchises.

Joe Kelly got suspended for six games and Tyler Austin got suspended for five games for the brawl. When you slide into a base and your cleat has it spikes up to trip Holt so he doesn’t make a double play. Austin should’ve seen it coming. Since 2005 people have been sleeping during the four hourlong Red Sox Yankee games. Now that won’t happen as the rivalry is back on. Pedro Martinez took to Twitter and said “The only thing I would have done different than Joe Kelly tonight, is I would’ve hit Tyler Austin in his previous at-bat. Other than that, Kelly executed perfectly #YankeesvsRedSox.” 

Wednesday night had a little feel of 2004 all over again the bad blood between these two teams came out. Hopefully, we see more of that later in the season when first place is on the line.

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