Red Sox Season Preview

Red Sox Baseball Is Back

The baseball season is right around the corner. With just days away from Opening Day which is on Thursday. The Red Sox open a series with the Tampa Bay Rays with Chris Sale getting the start for the Red Sox. The Red Sox have had a quiet offseason as it comes to bringing in big-name players. The only change they made was Alex Cora who is now the manager and changed some of their coaching staff. But the team besides J.D. Martinez is the same. The Red Sox are coming off of back to back division championships, however, this City doesn’t care about division championships they care about a World Championship.

We can take a look at how the players have connected with Alex Cora so far this spring. They all seem to like him Alex Cora is close to age with some of the players on the team like Dustin Pedroia.  David Price approves of his new manager saying in February “I like him, he feels like one of the guys. I’ve played for a manager that’s like that with Joe Maddon in Tampa. A guy that can relate to everybody. He’s easy to talk to. I like Alex. I guess it’s to be determined whether or not manager-wise and stuff like that. But I think he’s going to be great.” Price told the Boston Globe. Price had a difficult relationship former manager John Farrell who really couldn’t connect with his players.

Alex Cora Is Ready To Get Started

The player that has really worked hard this offseason was Andrew Benintendi who really has proven he belongs in the Major Leagues. Benintendi has had a great spring and should come out strong to begin the baseball season. Alex Cora has seen J.D. Martinez be as good as Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, now I wouldn’t go that far yet but that’s good he’s being positive. The Red Sox have a shot at competing with the powerful Yankees. The rivalry is finally back between the two teams which are great. Adding J.D. Martinez has really helped with the power in the middle of the lineup, it will be interesting to see how the season pans out. I predict the Red Sox win 90 games and get a wild-card spot in the playoffs.

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