Red Sox Pitching Needs To Be Better

RedSox Pitching

By: Steve Atkinson

The Sox have had a dark cloud over them since winning the World Series in 2018. They fired their President, hired a new one, fired their manager hired a new one. Then, trading Betts, and Price to the Dodgers, also losing Porcello to the Mets hurt them too. They didn’t get pitching help, Sale has Tommy John surgery, the season gets halted because of a Pandemic, and when it’s time to come back they aren’t really ready. The pitching staff is wretched. Eovaldi is their only starter. The rest, are guys Bloom got off the street to fill in. This year seems like they are packing it in and getting ready for 2021.

The 2-4 Red Sox are a below-average baseball team. You might as well take 2020 and throw it away. The only pitcher that has won is Nathan Eovaldi who is 2-0. The rest is completely off and awful. Eovaldi has the lowest ERA out of all the starters at 2.45. Martin Perez has a 7.20 ERA, Ryan Weber 14.3, and Matt Hall 10.13. Great starting pitching they got, really has the potential to win the World Series. Their relief pitching isn’t a whole lot better either they have two relievers Brandon Workman and Matt Barnes who are average. Workman is considered a closer too.

Will The Sox Pitching Get Better?

In 54 innings pitched the Red Sox have a combined ERA of 5.33. The amount of average talent doesn’t help either. Whatever could go wrong has gone wrong for this baseball team. I take a psycho Joe Kelly over this below-average talent they have now. The Sox rank 27th in the league in pitching. They also have given up the most hits in the Majors at 62.

Will the pitching staff be better? Tough to say but good luck playing the Yankees this weekend. You’ll be seeing balls flying out left and write landing in empty seats. Yankees could have home run derby by the looks of that Sox pitching staff. All the sports are coming back and the Sox will be the laughing stock of Boston if they don’t turn it around. Right now the Sox pitching staff looks like an extension of the PawSox.

We’ll see if they turn it around it’ll probably be a long shot. They really don’t have the talent. They get behind early and it’s hard to catch up. Sox pitching could do well against Baltimore or the Mets. It’s going to be a long two months for them.

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