Red Sox Have Leadership Issues

Jul 22, 2017; Anaheim, CA, USA; Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price (24) delivers a pitch against the Los Angeles Angels during a MLB baseball game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox drama continues and I’m not sure what’s worse the 2011 chicken and beer fiasco, the Bobby Valentine clown show, or this David Price drama. This whole week has been about the lack of leadership in the clubhouse not what’s going on during the games. One thing is for certain they really miss David Ortiz being that leader because Dustin Pedroia should be the next guy but isn’t.
Pedroia came out Friday and said the leader was standing right here meaning himself, after a report that said he cheering for Price on the plane when Price was yelling at Eckersley. Yet Price or Farrell has yet to apologize to the Hall Of Fame Pitcher. Price is also placed on the 10 day DL so he won’t be pitching on the 10 game homestand how convenient?
Price spoke yesterday and said his pain was a 1 out of 10, which means either management didn’t want him to get booed, he’s a pussycat or both. Price also said yesterday Eckersley doesn’t go into the clubhouse enough, you know what I say who cares if he doesn’t show his face in the clubhouse shut up and play baseball you’re making $31million dollars a season you loser.
The Red Sox clearly need a leader and if that is Pedroia then he better prove he is one cause right now it doesn’t look like it. Cheering on a team plane when a teammate is yelling at a Hall Of Fame Pitcher isn’t being a leader in my eyes. If Ortiz was still on this team do you think Price would have done that? Probably not Price was scared of Ortiz he wasn’t crossing his path.
The Red Sox are in second place and instead of trade deadline talk which passed, it’s all about worthless drama about a plane ride because somebody had a temper tantrum. This team is very unlikeable right now and I hope Price opts out of his contract next season. Like I’ve said before he’s just like Carl Crawford, and Adrian Gonzalez complete baby if you don’t like it here leave. It’s clear he doesn’t and would rather be home with his wife, dog Astro, and his mother-in-law.
I would probably put the chicken and beer thing first, then Bobby Valentine clown show because both were just a complete mess. I’d probably put the Price drama last unless they don’t make the playoffs, then I’ll move it up.
This Red Sox team is young but talented enough to make the playoffs and win the division. Anything less than that is a complete failure. If they miss the playoffs or get swept in the first round Farrell will be gone, and the clubhouse would really be in for a wake-up call. Let’s hope they get their head out of their asses and Price can stop being a bitch and just win baseball games, so things don’t end up worse.
Farrell was like Claude Julien every time you think Julien would get fired the players would bail him out by winning and same with John Farrell.

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