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Boston Red Sox

By: Steve Atkinson

Baseball is back! Everyone can get excited and breathe a sigh of relief now. Honestly, I had given up all hope that there would be a baseball season in 2020. Baseball since March has been nothing but difficult to get back on the field. The NBA and NHL found ways to get back without being greedy about losing money. Baseball was the only sport that couldn’t agree on money. You had players like Blake Snell who I have never heard of from Tampa say “I gotta get mine.” Meanwhile, there are millions of people out of work because of a Pandemic, and you have these millionairess fighting over millions of dollars. It does make people sick and will be interesting to see the ratings up against the NBA, and NHL playoffs. Also, don’t forget the NFL who will most definitely start on time.

Baseball Will Be Played At Fenway

What does this mean for the Red Sox though? They could benefit from the 60 game season. It seems a lot longer than nine months since the Red Sox played a game. They’ve had a ton of turnover and may get lost in the spotlight when their season starts July 24th.  Chaim Bloom had to hire a new manager Ron Renokie because of Alex Cora’s suspension due to the Astors cheating scandal in 2017. He traded Mookie Betts to the Dodgers for Alex Verdugo and that seems like ages ago.

Instead of going back and forth on money maybe the season could’ve started on July 4th. But nope I wish the Red Sox luck going up against the Boston Celtics or the Bruins in their playoffs.  Baseball will get lost in the spotlight and that will benefit not only the Red Sox but also the Houston Astros.

The Red Sox season will be a different one for sure. They’ll be no fans at Fenway or anywhere. Who knows how teams will adapt to the new rules and still get tested for the Coronavirus daily. This country is falling apart we need sports back. We had golf a few weeks ago, NASCAR doesn’t count in my opinion. But the MLB, NBA, and NHL coming back around the same time is what this Country needs.

The Red Sox have everything going for them with a shortened season. Chris Sale may be healthy the whole time and who knows how the rest will do. They report to spring training at Fenway Park next Wednesday and we’ll try to start the season again. Finally, the differences were put aside and there will be baseball in 2020.



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