Recap Eagles at Packers: Thursday Night Football

Signature win

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By: Julio Olmo

Offensively Eagles closed out the first quarter with their customary zero points scored and the defense gave up their usual early lead to the other team, but!

Something was developing while the usual suspects were being themselves.

A big sack, fumble recovery, and a touchdown afterwards sent the Philadelphia Eagles to the locker room at halftime leading 21-20.

From that point forward things became interesting, so much so that you needed to wait a full 5-10 seconds to get yourself together because of all the emotional mood swings.

What they were facing

  • The Eagles have not had 100 yard rusher since before Doug Pederson became the head coach and Melvin Gordon was available, but they pretty much passed on him by making a low ball offer.

  • A road game on a short week against one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, a team decimated by injuries and a very suspect defensive unit, which raised to the occasion and made TWO epic goal line stands and Eagles beat Packers at fable Lambeau Field.

If you can go into Lambeau under these circumstances and still win, then the three road games against Miami, Dallas and Buffalo are certainly manageable.

They are still not a very good team, but you have to make a toast to their resiliency and their signature win.

Player Of The Game?

Carson Wentz

He has answered every critic – Myself Included! – and rewarded the Eagles’ decision to go All-In on him.

The fact was that Eagles Nation was divided as far as he was concerned, but he has shown Moxie and in a blue-collar town like Philly that is the bottom line.

Welcome, Brother.

There were two very scary injuries in the Thursday Night Football game between the Eagles and the Packers. Green Bay’s Jamaal Williams was taken to the hospital after a first-half injury. Philadelphia’s cornerback Avonte Maddox was also carted off the field in the second half. Thoughts and prayers to both, Jamaal and Avonte.


Next Opponent?

After a successful business trip the Philadelphia Eagles will enjoy the next – well earned, nine days off to get healthy and prepare to host the New York Jets.


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