Rebuilding Takes Time

By: Joe “Cartright” Cardoso

My love for the maize and blue started in 1991 when a little guy from Cleveland, Ohio named Desmond Howard dazzled me and America. He was a BOSS before the term became hip, and the school he played for was the University of Michigan. Desmond went on to win the highest award a college football player could win, the Heisman Trophy. For me it was the start of being the HUGE Wolverines fan that I still am today.

The list of great U Mich players I’ve seen goes on and on – Charles Woodson, Tom Brady, Braylon Edwards, Jake Long, Mike Hart, and Tim Biakabutuka just to name a few. But over the years we have lost the POP and it has been a shocking fall from grace losing to Appalachian State at HOME! What was a top destination for players has become an afterthought. To those who say,“no kid wants to play in that weather… blah blah,” I say,“OK, so explain the power houses Michigan State and Ohio State have become?”

We need to make a change and start to re build the program. As I always like to do, let’s check the stats shall we:

*39-26 Win/Loss record since 2009-2010

* Last Bowl Win 2012 Vs Va Tech in the Sugar Bowl (and some called that “luck)

*Last National Championship 1997

*Last Big 10 Championship 2004

*1-6 Vs Michigan State no wins since 2008

* Last win Vs Ohio State 2003

*Last season LAST in the Big 10 in total Offense

*2nd to last in total Scoring

So as those other schools win titles and bowl games, Big Blue has been left holding the bag and it isn’t a bag of cookies folks. We STINK. The person the university has brought in to clean up the house is Jim Harbaugh, who coached the 49ers the last few years. He had a great run in San Fran, but like most hard-nosed, all-or-nothing coaches, he wore on people. Despite all the dumb crap we see them do, professional athletes are adults. Questions remain, how will players AND coaches respond to his my way or get out style? Will it take time for Harbaugh to get back into the college coach groove?

The entire campus, and the college football world for that matter, is buzzing over the hire; and so am I but with some caution. Look at what he is left to work with on the field.Look at what UM lost. Who is the QB? Who will be the next “Great” Michigan WR and who will emerge on defense to lead this group? People need to lower the expectations of coach Harbaugh and realize the HUGE task he has in front of him. I do believe that he will get his kind of players and in a few seasons turn things around to the old school, but it will not happen overnight. The hype machine is STRONG right now. One can understand why the maize and blue faithful want a winner so badly. Seeing OSU as champs makes us  vomit! BUT Rome wasn’t built in a day and this program won’t be fixed in one either.

YES I am thinking we can win it all but that’s the fan in me talking , NOT the level-headed guy who knows we need a lot of work and some luck. Remember that Wolverine fans, the first step in the process is this season. What happens in Ann Harbor is one of many exciting college football stories to follow all season long. 74 DAYS PEOPLE UNTIL WEEK 1!!  Those who stay will be champions….


Joe Cardoso
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