Ranking All 32 NFL Quarterbacks

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Training camp is a just a few weeks away for NFL Teams. With no huddle offenses, and up-tempo play, the quarterback position has never been more important to NFL Franchises. We rank all 32 QB’s below.
TOP 32 QB’s

#32… Dwayne Haskins, Washington Redskins: The Former Ohio State Buckeye could have a very good career but it is going to take some time. Offensively, the Redskins don’t have anyone who scares defenses. Haskins is a 3 year project but should get better as the season goes on. His arm strength is good enough to win now but he must work on his “happy feet” in the pocket.

#31… Eli Manning, New York Giants: The Writing is on the wall for the former Ole Miss superstar. The Giants drafted quarterback Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick and they appear to be in a rebuilding mode. “Big Blue” traded away Odell Beckham Jr. and they don’t have a #1 wide receiver. I expect Jones to be named the starter in New York by week 9.

#30…Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals: The former TCU Horned Frog is the worst quarterback in the AFC North.
In 8 years he has averaged 23 touchdowns per year. I don’t expect the Bengals to win more than 6 games this season.

#29…Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals: The Heisman Trophy Winner out of Oklahoma has all the tools to be a great NFL player. Last season he had 42 touchdowns, only 7 interceptions and completed 69% of his passes. The question mark will be his size. at 5’11, 205lbs, can he take the pounding and hits for 16 games?

#28… Josh Rosen, Miami Dolphins: The Former UCLA quarterback was 3 an 10 in Arizona last year. He completed 55% of his passes and had 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Arizona traded him for a reason, he must improve in all areas.

#27… Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills: My biggest concern regarding Allen was his completion percentage. At Wyoming ,in a weak conference, he only completed 56% of his passes. Last season he only completed 52% of his passes in Buffalo, that is not getting done. Allen is a very good runner but if he is going to take his game to the next level, he must develop as a consistent pocket passer.

#26… Joe Flacco, Denver Broncos: The Ravens were so done with Joe Flacco at the quarterback position they went with Lamar Jackson who was basically a running back last year, who threw from the pocket. It is going to be interesting to see if Flacco still has enough arm strength to throw the ball downfield in Denver. John Elway has had a history of choosing below average quarterbacks to lead his team.

#25… Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: As predicted, Winston has turned out to be a horrible #1 pick. He has a career record of 21-33, 88 touchdowns, and 96 fumbles and interceptions. He has been a cancer on and off the field.

#24… Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens.: The Ravens gave Jackson the ball mid-way through the season and it paid dividends right away. He was 6-1 as a starter and led Baltimore to the NFC North title. Jackson and Buffalo’s Josh Allen can both beat you with their legs, but they must improve as a pocket passer. Teams will force them to throw the ball and they must deliver if they want to lead their franchises to multiple playoff appearances over the next 5 to 10 years.

#23… Nick Foles, Jacksonville Jaguars: Nick Foles had a miraculous 2 -year-run as a back up quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. In Super Bowl LII he was named the MVP. Foles has a new home in Jacksonville and if he can not make the big mistake, his team could make the playoffs. Their defense should be a top 10 unit this year.

#22… Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings: Last season Cousins left the Redskins and signed a contract with $84 million. The problem is Cousins has a record of 4-25 against winning teams. He is 5-13 in primetime games and 0-7 on Monday night. When the competition gets better Cousins gets worse.

#21… Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: . Stafford is in my Andy Dalton category. He will put up some decent numbers and wins some big games, but is he a franchise quarterback. Stafford had 21 touchdowns last season and 11 interceptions. In a league that is “pass happy” a quarterback should have 25 TD passes just for showing up. The Lions will finish last in the NFC North, with or without Stafford.

#20…. Sam Darnold, New York Jets: The former USC Trojan has all the tools to be a top notch NFL player. At 22-years old, the sky is the limit. I wouldn’t be shocked if Darnold has 25-30 touchdowns this season. The Jets have improved on both sides of the ball and acquiring Le’Veon Bell will be a tremendous safety blanket out of the backfield. Darnold should be ranked higher but we are always cautious when it comes to “Gang Green”.

#19…Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: Carr should be higher on this list but his head coach, Jon Gruden doesn’t have confidence in him. I don’t know why? Carr went 10 straight games last year, without a number 1 wide receiver, without an interception. Gruden is in over his head and unfortunately, Gruden will try and make him the scapegoat.

#18… Mitchell Trubinsky, Chicago Bears: Trubinsky had a break out season in 2018. He threw for over 3,300 yards had 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He can be a very good QB, but how high is his ceiling? I don’t think he will ever be a top 10 signal caller in the NFL. He can be good, not great.

#17… Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans: Marcus Mariota has had 3 head coaches and 4 offensive coordinators in 5 years. Despite the constant turnover, Mariota has a record of 8-7, 9-6, and 7-6 over the past three years as a starting QB. When Mariota throws on first down he has one of the highest completion percentages in the NFL. The problem with this team is they have the same format on offense. They run on 1st down, they run on 2nd down, and hope the former Oregon Ducks, Heisman Trophy winner, bails them out on 3rd down. If this team wants to make the post-season, they have got to let their QB make plays on first and second down.

#16…Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys: In three years as the Dallas Cowboys starter, Dak has thrown 23, 22 and 22 touchdown passes. I don’t know if Prescott is an elite QB, but he has a career record of 32-16. With Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott and the return of Jason Witten, Dallas could score 24-27 points per game.

#15… Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers: Has Cam Newton peaked? In 2015, he threw for 35 touchdown passes and had only 10 interceptions. Since then he has thrown 19,22 and 24 touchdown passes. Cam is on the “back-9” of his career and I think his best days are behind him. He should probably be lower on this list.

#14…Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers: The man they call “Jimmy The Great” has only 17 touchdowns and 8 interceptions for his career. The 49ers signed him to a huge contract but he only played in 3 games last season. Can Garoppolo be a top 10 QB? Time will tell, right now he is all potential.

#13… Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans: The former Clemson National Championship winner had a tremendous season for Houston. He completed 68% of his passes, had 26 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions. Watson has the arm strength, the legs and leadership to make all the plays of an elite quarterback.

#12…Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: “Big Ben” has a lot to prove coming into this season. The Steelers have lost Le’Veon Bell to the Jets and Antonio Brown to the Raiders. I expect Roethlisberger to be motivated and throw over 35 touchdown passes this season. I also expect him to throw a ton of interceptions trying to make plays. This could be the last year that Ben and Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin work together.

#11…Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns:. Mayfield has given a new confidence to the Cleveland Browns organization. The Browns think they can win now. They acquired Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt. The Browns should have one of the best offensives in the NFL. I expect Baker to throw for over 3,500 yards and have 30 or more touchdowns. If Mayfield can mature on and off the field, the Browns could make the playoffs.

#10… Jared Goff, LA Rams:: Goff is now in his 3rd season under Sean McVay. In 2018 Goff led the Rams to the Super Bowl, threw 32 touchdown passes, and completed 64% of his passes. The Rams should be one of the elite teams in the NFC and Goff should be better than last year.

#9… Phillip Rivers, LA Chargers: Rivers is on the “Back 9” of his career. But he is still putting up hall of fame numbers. Rivers had 32 touchdowns and completed 68% of his passes. The Chargers were 12-4 last season and they should make the playoffs again.

#8…Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan puts up great numbers every year but is he a winner, is he leader? The question still remains. In 2018, the man they call “Matty Ice” had 35 touchdowns, only 7 interceptions and completed 68% of his passes. He also threw for over 4,900 yards. He is a top 10 quarterback but I wouldn’t call him an elite QB.

#7…Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles: In 2017 Carson Wentz had 33 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions. In 13 games he had more touchdown passes than Tom Brady did in 16 games. There is no doubt in my mind that when healthy he is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL. According to Spotrac, Wentz signed a 4 year, $128,000,000 contract. The Eagles are “All in” on their quarterback from North Dakota State.

#6…Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: The former Purdue Boiler maker is a 1st ballot hall of fame player. He had 32 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions in 2018. He also completed 74% of his passes. Brees is an all-time great but he is on the back end of his career. How much longer can he be an elite quarterback? I give him 1 or 2 more years tops.

#5…Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: Has there ever been a quarterback who is asked to do more with less than Russell Wilson. The former 3rd round pick, has played in every game since his rookie season. He can make plays with his feet and his arm. Wilson doesn’t have a legitimate #1 running back or wide receiver yet he has a career record of 75-36. 196 career touchdown passes and only 63 interceptions. He is a top 5 QB year in and year out.

#4 Patrick Mahomes…Kansas City Chiefs: Mahomes re-defined the QB position last year. He is unorthodox, can create plays with his feet and is a very accurate passer. As a first year starter, he threw for over 5,000 yards and had 50 touchdowns passes and only 12 interceptions. Mahomes is leading the way of the next generation QB’s. The question is how do the Chiefs replace Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill. I expect Mahomes to be very good for the next 5 years with our without elite skill players around him.

#3 Andrew Luck… Indianapolis Colts: The Colts are one of my favorites to win the AFC Title this year. Andrew Luck is healthy and he has one of the best offensive lines in the entire NFL. Luck completed 67% of his passes last season. If he stays healthy he could play for numerous Super Bowls before his career is over.

#2 Tom Brady… New England Patriots: Tom Brady has a career record of 207 and 60. He has 517 touchdown passes and only 171 interceptions. Rightly or wrongly he will go down as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. At 41 years old, he shows no signs of slowing down. Like fine wine, he gets better with age.

#1 Aaron Rodgers… Green Bay Packers: If you were making a perfect quarterback in a lab, Aarron Rodgers would be the outcome. Rodgers is the most skilled QB I have ever seen in my life-time. The moment is never too big for him and when the pressure is at the highest, the game slows down for him. Rodgers will be calling a lot more plays with rookie coach Matt LaFleur and that is a scary scenario for the NFC North. Rodgers is the all-time leader in touchdown to interception ratio. For every 4.22 touchdown he throws 1 interception. Russell Wilson is 2nd at 3.11 TD’s to 1 int.

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