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Dream Chasers

By: Joe Cardoso

Being a trailblazer and starting something first is nerve-racking and stressful. The fear of possible failure and self-doubt creep in and stop a lot of us from trying things that could possibly be truly awesome. Few industries are as brutal and fast-paced as the fitness and fashion world you either sink or swim FAST. That fact is what makes what this young lady is doing stand out and people take notice. Rachel Sigl is spreading the word nationwide about what JOGA is all about, with partnerships with many professional sports teams. Her client lists include a few people you may have heard of Robinson Cano Seattle Mariners, Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles, and Patrick Patterson Oklahoma Thunder. Taking the “No Days Off”, motto to heart she also has her own clothing line providing a different look for members of fitness nation. Get to know Rachel and how her journey began and is just getting started.

JC: When did you get involved with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle?

RS: I started working for myself right out of college in real estate where I also found myself living at the gym. At 21 years old I began to dive deeper into my fitness routine.

JC: Growing up did you play any sports and did that help steer you towards the career path you are on?

RS: I never played any sports growing up.  My mom tried to get me involved since I’m sure they saw the potential. I was fast forwarding my academic goals to get out of school early to start working as soon as possible. My Aunt at the time owned a dance facility where I would frequent her classes before I found my love for the gym.

JC: What is a normal work week like for you?

RS: Most days I train my clients mornings and at night. This is a perpetuating schedule due to the constant change during sports seasons. You must flow with it to keep the athletes in their practice. When they are on you are on.

I typically spend a couple days a week managing BBDfitness, the workout line. I make sure I can submit any approvals my team needs to move forward and always capturing inspirations for our designs for future collections. We try to cast 6 months ahead to give some breathing room because of how the fashion industry works.

JOGA is presently in a major growth surge, and it’s a very exciting time to be a part of this major movement. This demands my attention the most now and its extremely rewarding to see the NFL, MLB, MLS, and NBA come aboard one by one.

JC: JOGA is something brand new to the U.S.A., how did you hear about it and what were you’re first impressions of it?

RS: I met one of the partners a year ago on New Year’s Eve on a company trip and already being in fitness it was an easy decision for me to make. At that point in my career, I was capped out and looking for something new and challenging. One month later jumped on a plane to get certified in Canada where it all began. My first impressions of JOGA were nothing short of exciting, this is it. This is where I am meant to be. The science and recovery tools behind this practice truly make the difference in these professional athletes lives and careers. In getting to be able to train some of the most respected athletes and have them value it as much as we do at JOGA corp is all the proof we need to determine unlimited success rate this practice will have.

JC: What makes it different from Yoga and Pilates?

RS: Pilates is where my new way of thinking towards fitness was born. Pilates uses your own body weight for resistance with a combo of strength and core work.

JOGA focuses on fast twitch training and educates athletes that for them to have explosiveness and power. JOGA mimics the cadence of sport with corresponding core breath integration. Every JOGA cue is designed to evoke a specific response in the body and has a benefit associated with it. The WHY behind an athlete’s training is vital. Traditional yoga postures aren’t conducive to the athletic body. When also taught in a hot room yoga can easily overextend ligaments and tendons and loosen joint capsules; therefore, putting the athlete at risk for injury.


JC: How has the response to JOGA from people been including the professional leagues you’ve been in contact with?

RS: We are so lucky and grateful that JOGA has had a positive response across the board with all the organizations we work with. We haven’t heard a “NO” yet.

JC: A lot of people TALK about starting their own clothing line but never follow thru, how did BBD Fitness come about?

RS: Being full time in the fitness industry about 5 years ago the activewear market was very mundane and lackluster. My personal style didn’t match that vibe.  I was now living full time in workout clothes and running to lunches, errands, and meetings in between teaching. Getting tired of changing 5x a day and trying to carry 5 different outfits with me. I saw an opportunity to grow a bolder and edgier brand and I took it. My customer was my clientele and I was lucky enough to have a firsthand look at what would sell and how we could push the envelope at the same time with design and vision. Thus, BBDfitness was born.

JC: When you started BBD what was your biggest fear/concern?

RS: I had no idea what I was doing and being so green in an industry you know nothing about is always the scariest part. When you are building it by yourself, it’s all on you. I believe one of my greatest strengths is connecting and I relied on my connections to help build the brand without taking too many bruises along the way. I had no fear in this business and that always kept me moving forward.

JC: With all the athletes you have met who stand out to you so far, for the progress they made?

RS: Robinson Cano has come a long way from when he first started taking JOGA in Canada with Jana Webb. Now it’s much easier for him to stay in practice since I am based out of Seattle. We always get the sessions in when he’s in the season as much as his schedule allows.

JC: How important is it to you to be a great role model for females and young entrepreneurs?

RS: It is very important. If you do the hard work, stay consistent with your goals, keep your intention, you will get there. For me sometimes in an entrepreneurial mindset, you never think you make it necessarily, but you just keep going. The doors that are right for you will open.


Bonus Questions:

JC: Everyone hears Seattle and thinks seafood and rainy days, what are we missing that’s awesome?

RS: The summers here are epic. Those 2 great months out the year, lol. One for the books and the best time to visit in my opinion.

JC: When not building the brand or training what do you do for fun?

RS: I try to escape as much as I can with my friends and family to get a quick vacation in and do a lot of self-care to re-energize. Spas are amazing. Decompressing in this type of journey is a must for success.

JC:  What’s on tap for the next few months for BBD and JOGA?

RS: We are so excited to bring a lot of new west coast teams on board to the JOGA family. Building awareness through events and traveling to new teams is on the docket before football season hits. BBD is finally adding men to the lineup this year due to the launch of the unisex collection. Starting training with these athletes allowed me to expand into the men’s market in a conscious way. From now on we will always have men and women in every new collection.

JC: Where did the name BBD come from?

RS: BBD stands for Bold, Brave, and Daring. It is the exact definition of fearless in the dictionary as well. That is the soul of the brand and what I embody.

JC: Which do you prefer and why gym gear or dressing up for a night out?

RS: Sometimes you want to feel like you are not working and dressing up for a night out isn’t out of the question. If I’m wearing my BBD to a dinner you know it’s been a long day!

Without a doubt, Rachel has the drive to succeed and JOGA is a form of exercise that’s growing fast. So much so that even a guy like me with the flexibility of a 2×4 of wood can do. Hard work and having faith in yourself can go a long way in making a dream become a reality. Learn more about JOGA, BBD Fitness and continue to see what Rachel does next via her social media links.

Website: www.BBDFitness.com
Instagram: BBD.Fitness
Instagram: RachelSigl
With her crazy schedule, I want to thank Rachel for taking the time to chat and sharing her journey so far. Bringing JOGA to the United States and building a brand is inspiring and could spark that fire in someone to begin their own path. Until next time dream chasers keep grinding!

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