Potential NCAA tournament upsets


By: Caleb Luketic

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived!! And no it isn’t Christmas time, its March Madness!!! March marks the beginning of baseball and the beginning of the most exciting tournament in all of sports. We finally know the bracket, so we are all making our predictions and filling out our brackets. I know that I want to pick some potential upsets to say that I had them on my bracket, so I am going to try to help out all of you who are looking to make that perfect bracket!

Every year there are upsets that no one picks, but there are some that are actually spotted out quickly. One of those is the 5-12 match-up between Utah and SF Austin. This game has been predicted by many expert, including myself, to be one of the 12 over 5 upsets. SF Austin has been playing extremely well, and Utah just does not match up well with SF Austin. I look for SF Austin to advance to the round of 32 over Utah.

Another 5-12 match-up that could be an upset is Northern Iowa and Wyoming. I think that N Iowa is a fantastic, physical team, but Wyoming is a good team as well. Personally I am at a loss because i think that Wyoming can do it, but N Iowa is just so physical that Wyoming may have a hard time matching up. I am taking Northern Iowa in this match-up just because of their physical style of play.

The final 5-12 match-up that i think will have an upset is West Virginia and Buffalo. I think that Buffalo will be able to pull off the upset because West Virginia has some injuries to their key players. If the WVU players are going to be 100% healthy, WVU should be able to take care of business, but I am going to take Buffalo in this game because I do no think that WVU will be at full health.

A big upset that i am going to call right now is Albany over Oklahoma. I am taking Albany in this game because Albany is playing really good right now and they match-up well with Oklahoma. I could be wrong in this pick, but I still think this is a possibility.

I think that the toughest game to pick by far is the VCU– 10 Ohio State match-up. These two teams are evenly matched and rank similarly in offensive, defensive, and BPI. Ohio State has the better offense, but VCU has the much better defense. Ohio State had a better BPI, but I am taking VCU in this game. I am picking VCU because of their defense and coach Smart. Shaka Smart is a great fundamental coach, and I think that his team’s defense will overwhelm Ohio State and be too much for them to handle.

Here are a couple other potential upsets that I have picked: Dayton/ Boise State over Providence and Davidson over Iowa. I like Dayton to beat Boise and for Dayton to follow that up and beat Providence. I also just think that Davidson will be able to overwhelm Iowa with their defense and quick transition game.

If there is anything I have learned from the NCAA tournament over the years, it is that this tournament cannot be predicted and it is truly madness!

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