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Our Podcasts include:

nbs-sports-hour-orange-sqNBS Sports Hour hosted by Joe (Cartright) Cardoso and Patrick Waring. Airs weekly.




Nuts And Bolts Association hosted by NBA writers Raj Sawhney, Jeff Newholm, and Taylor Summers. Airs Fridays.




The Full Monte hosted by Armando (Monte) Perez. Airs Sunday at 11am ET.





Buckets and Dimes hosted by Joe (Cartright) Cardoso and Patrick Hilwig. New episodes are released weekly throughout the NBA season.




Cooley’s Controversial Takes hosted by Ryan Cooley challenges the sports world and gives strong no non-sense opinions about players and organizations. Airs daily.




The Kevoo Bandzz Hoops Podcasts is a basketball podcast brought to you by a lifelong Michigan State fan who covers all things basketball. Join host Kevin for new insights and information every day—from high school to college and all the way through to the pro level.



Is That a WizKid hosted by Miguel Alacron and covers all things Washington Wizards. Airs weekly.




Moving the Chains is a segment on Youtube where Ashmere Prasad shares her takes on the NFL, college football, and some tips for fantasy football. Ashmere has had a passion for football since she was a child, and enjoys telling her parents fun facts and stats regarding different teams and players. If Ashmere were a football player, she’d aspire to be either be a quarterback or wide receiver, because back in the day, she threw tight spirals, and could turn and burn. Airs weekly.


And, this wonderful show we syndicate:

the forth line 1400The 4th Line hosted by Carl and Joel. Airs Thursday at 7pm.