Playoff Ponderings

By: Rob Botts


The Boston Celtics have gotten better each and every year that Brad Stevens has been the head coach. Unfortunately they ran into a bad match up with the Atlanta Hawks and the injury bug took the Celt’s best defensive player and consistent backcourt scorer Avery Bradley. At least that is what every New England sports fan is telling themselves right now as they wash down a Guinness after polishing off a box of Dunk’n Donuts chocolate glazed munchkins.

Head coach Billy Donavan’s OKC Thunder looks just like former head coach Scotty Brooks OKC Thunder. Two big time players(Durant and Westbrook) on a team that can score but can’t stop anybody on the defensive end. Can’t think of better place to hang the locker banner of “DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS” as free agent to be Kevin Durant shakes his head as he exits to entertain offers from other clubs.

Even though the Golden State Warriors are a tremendous team without their MVP superstar, it seems like it should be a federal and state level crime to watch these 2016 NBA playoffs without seeing the brilliant Stephen Curry drain threes from a hotel balcony five towns over after having dribbled through oncoming downtown traffic.

These are anxious times for the best team in the east, Cleveland Cavs even though they will most likely go to the NBA finals again. The championship window with LeBron is starting to slide downward. Not closed at all. But moving towards that position. Hurry up Cleveland.

The curse of the Billy Goat. The curse of the Bambino. Grab your nearest religious artifact, some blessed water and the best seance team to start their work on the Los Angeles Clippers franchise. Chris Paul gone. Blake Griffin gone. Clippers gone. Really? Those Los Angeles Lakers must have made a deal with Lucifer himself. Somebody get a mike in front Ted Cruz and ask him to take a look at that signed contract per the former speaker of the house John Boehner.

Down in the sunshine state of Florida, Wade County has come out on top again. Despite the efforts of a pesky opponent from Charlotte North Carolina, this early NBA election season had the sitting resident superstar in Dwayne Wade leading his Heat squad to the second round past the Hornets. It wasn’t quite a landslide victory like other Dwayne Wade / Heat elections, but a win is a win folks.

Does the Godfather of South Beach and NBA front office guru, Pat Riley consider this beating of Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets some sweet revenge for all the eastern conference losses he took at the hand of the Swoosh and his Bulls in the mid 90s? You bet he does.

Watching Golden State’s Anderson Varejao and Portland’s Gerald Henderson get tossed for bickering at each other, it just reminds me how ridiculous the officiating mandates from on high have become. Let them compete. Trash talking is completing and is filed under intimidation. Michael Jordan’s tongue waging trash jabbering was just as important as his basket sinking back in the day.

Yes, the three Alamo amigos of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are still around in San Antonio, but this is now a team led by LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawai Leonard. The hand off has been pretty clear.

Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets has been known for his different and extravagant hairstyles this season. Wonder what the off season hairdo will look like. Too soon Charlotte fans?

I noticed Golden State assistant coach Luke Walton with a scowl on his face the other day. Maybe that disconcerting facial expression had something to do with a possible second thought about his new gig down in Hollywood. It’s gonna be a B movie at best my friend.

If Stephen Curry is the “Baby Face Assassin”, Steve Kerr is definitely the “Smiley Face Assassin.” One uses a ball, the other a whiteboard.

Those pesky Raptors of Toronto Canada survived a tough showing from the Pacers of Indiana. Even a breakaway, 360 dunk from Paul George in fact. Maybe that close encounter of the 1st round kind will wake up those two scorers(Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan) in Toronto’s backcourt who have been slumbering this young playoff season. Didn’t know Dinosaurs hibernated.

Do the Atlanta Hawks have a chance against the Cleveland Cavaliers? No. Wash rinse repeat. Shoot defend win. This series loss to be to Cleveland will most likely ensure a breakup of the Atlanta squad this offseason.

Somewhere former Laker great and future hall of famer, Kobe Bryant has ice in his drink instead of on his knees, feet up while watching the playoff action and NOT missing it at all.

Rob Botts
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