Playoff Ponderings 2019

As these 2019 playoffs have now arrived at my door ready to sell me their series match up wares, I am left with some thoughts.

The absence of your Los Angeles Lakers from the postseason is both wonderful and sad all at the same time. Wonderful in the fact that yours truly is a Boston native living in LA LA land and anytime the purple and gold can be down and out, it is something special for a beaten bum like me! Go Clippers anyone? Sad for the NBA landscape because it is one of the storied franchises and the league is more interesting with them in the mix. 

Magic casts a large shadow in general. He is an NBA, entertainment and business giant. In those areas the size of his post basketball success has been as big as his legendary smile. But, his recent stint as the head of basketball operations for the Lake Show has been an absolute disaster. It has been a bad look for him. As bad as his talk show and head coaching stints? That’s debatable. Hopefully the playoffs can emerge from this large disaster shadow that he has brought upon the NBA landscape this time of year. 

Speaking of the Lakers, the absence of one Mr. LeBron James from the post season party feels quite strange. He has been the mainstay in the playoffs but now finds himself trying to figure out who is going to co-star with him in Space Jam 2 instead of trying to figure out how to get by his 1st round playoff opponent. Strange times indeed. 

I think my Beantown ballers will bring it together and win a couple of series for Kyrie Irving’s final run as a Celtic. That’s right folks, he’s out of Boston. As much as it makes my skin crawl to say this but, your New York Knickerbockers are about to get better at the point guard position. But buyer beware, Uncle Drew thought at one point the earth was flat. Now he just might tell Knick fans that their city of New York actually DOES sleep. 

I actually think Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith made a pretty sound assessment in terms of the Portland Trailblazers. It wasn’t coming out of left field but more the infield. The Blazers are a really good team and that backcourt looks primed to make every other team be absolutely exhausted from trying to check them. BUT, when their versatile big man Jusuf Nurkić, who was growing by leaps and bounds in front of our eyes went down with a gruesome injury, that left them an unbalanced team. We will see if they can survive round #1 in the brutal west. 

The Clippers will give the Warriors all they can handle. Good news for Golden State? They can handle ALOT. Smile Steve Ballmer and Doc Rivers because you’re going to get Kawhi Leonard. Get ready to thank Mr. Jerry West Clipper fans. 

If Rocky Balboa was an NBA team, he would be your 2019 Brooklyn Nets. It’s pretty funny that Rocky will be going against the boys of the city of brotherly love. Rocky goes the distance but loses to the Sixers. 

Normally when a car sadly hits a deer, the poor deer usually ends up on the bad end of that stick. Well, NBA motorists from Detroit, that collision is a bit different when the GREEK FREAK is the deer who is running into you at warp speed. The NBA finally has a legit reason to FEAR THE DEER. Sorry Piston fans. Maybe Blake Griffin can go jump over car in the parking lot just for fun. 

Is there really any difference between the zombies of the walking dead and your San Antonio Spurs? Both never die and just keep on coming. Your Denver Nuggets will do their best to drive that basketball directly through their brains. God speed Denver. Having someone named The Joker on Denver’s side can’t hurt either.

I know he isn’t Shaq, but Mr. Nikola Vučević is one heck of a center playing for your Orlando Magic. He knows how to move on the block and is very crafty around the basket while being a true bull to move for rebounding position. I know he isn’t Dennis Scott, but Terrence Ross is one heck of a dead eye shooter who knows how to use a shot fake. This adds up to a team that will be a very tough out for your Toronto Raptors. 

THIS will be the playoffs where Mr. James Harden will finally take his regular season play into the playoffs with him. He has had an unbelievable season and now he needs to start making his playoff mark because THAT is where you build your legendary, big dog, clutch resume. It’s nice to drop 50 a bunch of times during a regular season run, but do that in a 7 game series when it matters most, that is what it is all about. If he falls flat this postseason, it might be time to pull the razor out and say bye bye to that regular season beard. 

Paul George has done a great job this year trying to emulate that dude in the Gatorade commercials who would nail last second shots and let everyone know that is was “ballgame.” For the first time in his career, he has become clutch when it has mattered for your OKC Thunder and Westbrook has deferred to him. That being said, NOW is the time to do it. NOW is the time to rise up and nail those big shots that give your team a big playoff win. Now is the time Paul, to call “ballgame” for real. 

Looking forward to seeing one of the most entertaining and biggest trash talkers in the league in Mr. Joel Embiid do his thing this postseason. Fans in Philly are notoriously miserable and it’s nice to see a creative, smiling super talented baller rising up and leading his team. The Sixers will go as far as Embiid will take them. On a related Sixers note: Hey Ben Simmons, expect an encouraging text from one Mr. Magic Johnson soon. 

Alright folks, enjoy your teams and the postseason! BUT, we all know the REAL season is the off-season!!!! Big moves coming NBA fans!

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