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(USA Today Sports / Geoff Burke)

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By: Patrick Waring

The Washington Redskins are preparing for their second preseason game tomorrow night, but the focus is once again on comments made by QB Robert Griffin III. Griffin, as most know by now, told WJLA’s Alex Parker that he felt he was the best quarterback in the league.

There were mixed reactions to this. Many found his comments alarming, some not a big deal (RGIII being one), while others found them humorous.

The issue that I have is that RGIII wasn’t even asked if he was the best in the league. He was asked about the QB situation in Washington and about his competition. I felt like he took this to a place that it shouldn’t have went to. He could have just said that he believed he was the man for the job in Washington. If he wanted to take it a step further, he could have simply stated that he was working to become the best in the league or doing everything possible to reach that goal. Some feel like the comments were taken out of context and that every player should feel they are the best at their respective position. The fact is, the whole situation could have, and should have, been avoided.

Not one person will argue that RGIII isn’t athletic, gifted and intelligent. What some can’t understand is why he has a tendency to make comments or give quotes that set the internet and sports world on fire.

Fans in D.C. want RGIII to make plays, lead scoring drives and talk less. And if he is going to talk, be prepared for reactions similar to those that he is receiving now. He has to understand that some people are asking him questions to get good quotes or for “web clicks”, as he claimed, but he is also putting himself in that position by some of his responses and elaborations.

( Associated Press / Bill Haber)
( Associated Press / Bill Haber)

Entering his fourth year, this is a critical season for the QB in Washington. A lot has changed since 2012, and his record-setting rookie season seems much further in the past than it actually is. It’s not time to give up on him, but the Redskins need Griffin to play like the best QB in the league, not tell everyone he is. Others will point out his status amongst the best with strong and successful play.

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