Philly Eagles vs Everybody in Super Bowl 52

Eagles Nation

“…Sometimes you gotta let ’em see you comin’…Dogs Gotta Eat Brother!”

Tried to forewarn everyone who listened that Eagles’ fans were coming for their pound of flesh.

I saw them coming a mile away and wrote four articles about how craze, passionate and intense they can be about the team.

Kids, Ladies and Gentleman of America… you’ll have been formally introduced to Eagles Nation.

Momentum is the most over use cliché in sports, but the most important detail to really recognizing it is to be emotional involved and to mix it with objectivity.

Prime example!

Minnesota Vikings opening drive in the NFC Championship was text-book perfect.

They marched down field using great mixture of passing and rushing the football.

The Vikings scored an easy touchdown off a blown pass coverage on their opening drive and Philadelphia’s defense was visibly back on their heels as once again they got ball after Eagles offense stall.

The momentum was all on their side, when…In my opinion! – the most exciting play in football occur…

The Pick Six!

The Pick Six is the fastest momentum changing play in the National Football League .

It rattles the Hell of an entire team, players and coaches alike.

Then after the devastating turnover the offensive unit has to go right back on the field and face a fire up defense.

Vikings reacted badly after The Pick Six

For all intents and purposes Minnesota’s  season was over after Case Keenum threw that interception.

Written by Julio Olmo ~ The Voice of One!

Brief Eagles Nation History Lesson


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