Philadelphia Eagles

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”, Muhammad Ali

SHHH! Don’t Wake the Philadelphia Eagles!

They’re just steam rolling the opposition at the moment and past nightmares are fueling their momentum.

Heading into the 2017 NFL season I expected them to have a winning record, after all Carson Wentz made Sam Bradford expendable in just two years!

“In the pre-season, I wrote… if I had to pick one team and one quarterback over the next 5 years out of the NFC East, it would be the Eagles and Carson Wentz”, Monte Perez

But they are exceeding all of Eagles Nation’s expectations and barring a catastrophic set of events, the Philadelphia Eagles are a lock to make the playoffs.

Now the NFL playoffs are a different animal and a new Head Coach with a starting Quarterback only in his third year has all of the ingredients necessary to be concern but Eagles Nation is certainly enjoying the ride this far.


Can Philadelphia Eagles compete in NFC East?


Every Fall like clock work it happens. My brothers and sisters from Eagles Nation rise up as one this time of the year.

They will be cooking sausages and peppers at six o’clock in the morning on the stadium’s parking lot, some wearing their never washed Lucky Shirts and on Monday they will be too hoarse to speak.

Eagles Nation will cheer the Birds with the same crazed enthusiasm whether they start 5-3 or 3-5, it doesn’t matter!

It has been that way since I can remember. When it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles, the fans can talk crap about the Birds, but…

Nobody Else Can!

Tough Brotherly Love at it’s purest form!

It’s more than a logo to Eagles Nation. It’s a family crest…a flag flown by their fathers, mothers and those who came before them.

They will become a 70,000 choir housing an extensive catalog of exactly one song – Fly Eagles Fly – and with zero hesitation of belting it out at the drop of a hat.

Let the marathon and the overly aggressive couch high fives begin!

Philadelphia Eagles
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Philadelphia Eagles
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Also! Written by Julio Olmo


waste crew
Image – Art Design via Waste Crew Com Exclusive Philadelphia Eagles Club Founded in 1984

Waste Crew


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