Philadelphia Eagles Week 9 Recap


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By: Julio Olmo

You could etch into stone that the Philadelphia Eagles were going to get off to a slow start and allow the Chicago Bears to hang around, but the Bears were jumping offside like it was the first day in training camp at the start of the game.

It was only a matter of waiting to see whether the Bears will wake up or at which point the Eagles would, eventually, deliver the knockout blow.

Eagles almost doubled the time of possession in the firs-half and the Bears were putting up 3 and outs as if it were 50% off Halloween Candy, so the Eagles took a halftime 12-0 lead into locker-room.

I honestly thought that Mitch Trubinsky will play better for no other reason than he could not play any worse than he had been even though the Bears’ offensive game plan-schemes were making it a certainty that it will not be happening this season.

The Chicago Bears had a total of fewer than 10 yards in offense in the first half and the only question remaining appeared to be whether Mitch Trubinsky had been told not to bother to come out of the locker room at halftime to save the embarrassment of constant television  cameras zooming-in on him, after he was 6 of 13 for 24 yards and their offense had only 1 first down…due to a defensive penalty on the Eagles.

Last time the Philadelphia Eagles dominated an opponent this way, the New York Jets at home, it later turns out to be a curse and Eagles Nation knows what happened after that game, so hopefully, Philadelphia has learned their lesson.

Key to the game…

Apparently teams switched uniforms because the second half turned out be completely different and the Bears – led by Mitch Trubinsky!, stormed back, but their come-back fell just short 22-14.

Player of the game?

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz was excellent on the Eagles’ final possession, completing four third-down passes for first downs to extend the drive and melt the clock.

Generally taking what an excellent Bears defense gave him.

The meaning of this one?

The Eagles are 5-4 entering the bye, ahead of two of the most challenging games left on their schedule.

Home games against the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

Their schedule lightens up considerably after that.

Split those two games, and they can still get themselves into the playoffs picture.


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