Philadelphia Eagles Week 6 Recap

Vikings remain undefeated at home

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By Julio Olmo

Eagles’ defense is No. 1 in the NFL at stopping the run.

Eagles have not allowed an opponent to rush for 100-plus yards in 8 consecutive regular-season games dating back to last season.

This is one of those games that will be decided up front.

I am just a city guy living in the heartland, but I knew that was a manipulated statistical-trend the moment I read it.

But having a very strong group of Football Consigliores gives me a decisive advantage, and I knew that the Eagles pass defense was going be challenged by the Vikings’ passing game early.

Eagles had not allowed an opponent to rush for 100 yards plus in 8 consecutive games, but!

The Eagles’ defense also has allowed opponents to score in 4 opening game drives – 3 touchdowns and a field goal in 6 games.

I am probing without a shadow of a doubt that you have to remain objective in spite of your loyalties because any statistic or headline can be easily manipulated – a sign of current times!

Why they lost…

They gave a 13 play opening drive – mix of runs and passes, for a touchdown, and the Vikings jumped all over them after that.

The final score does not reflect how poorly the Philadelphia Eagles’ secondary played, it was just ridiculous.

Players of the game…

Kirk Cousins and Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs torched the Eagles.

Stefon was supposedly not happy and frustrated with the Vikings, but he did not show any signs of it at all, enjoying himself en route to seven catches for 167 yards and three touchdowns.

Former Eagles’ linebacker Zach Brown said that Kirk Cousin was the “weakest” part of the Vikings’ offense, and then Cousins went out and threw for 333 yards and four touchdowns in the game.

Two of his touchdown throws to Stefon Diggs were – punt like bombs!

I am old school and grew up in a generation where you do your talking on the field, but this new generation seems to be in love with hearing-seeing themselves on every media platform there is.


It seems that Eagles’ head coach Doug Peterson has now added posting bulletin board material to his duties because he guaranteed victory over the Cowboys at Dallas.

So what the Hell!

Eagles Nations is also going to guaranteed a win over Cowboys and for Jerry Jones to shortly after that put Jason Garrett out his misery as well.

Next game…

Sunday Night Prime Time Matchup With Dallas Cowboys.


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