Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts Adds A Dimension, Not Wins

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are struggling and fans are now calling for QB Carson Wentz to be benched. While it’s considered panic, this is the Eagles’ fan base and how they’ve been for decades. I can speak on it firsthand as I am one of those fans. Not the one that’s calling for Wentz to be benched, but that insane kind who represents his team regardless. I bleed green for life.

With that said, what would it mean for Doug Pederson to bench Wentz in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts?

To be honest, everything. The only thing Hurts would bring to the field is the ability to dodge the rush and run. Hurts, in his collegiate career at Alabama and Oklahoma, proved that he’s a dual-threat at QB. But can that equal success in the NFL. Yes, especially in the Eagles’ offense. But it’s just not his time.

Against the Washington Football Team, Wentz took eight sacks when he could have either thrown the ball away or turned and run. Before his injury in 2017, Wentz, not as athletic as Lamar Jackson did tuck the ball 64 times for 299 yards. However, that injury against the Los Angeles Rams may have damaged his confidence. During the 2018 campaign, Wentz tucked the ball just 34 times for 93 yards in 11 games.

But now, with the Eagles struggling to field receivers, Wentz refusing to go deep, the Eagles need a change. Not so much a change at QB but a change in approach. Playing Hurts will open up the possibilities with his legs but can his arm and decision making be trusted?

With Miles Sanders back in the lineup. The Eagles rushed for 121 yards against the Rams after rushing for 57 yards Week 1 against Washington.

It’s no secret that Wentz is struggling but that has more to do with pressing, playcalling, and not playing the way he was before he went down with an injury against the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs last season. Do Pederson or the fans really believe that Hurts will fare any better? This is not Cincinnati where Joe Burrow is expected to pull out at least 2-4 wins. The Eagles are expected to win the NFC East and more. That’s pressure. While Hurts has proven to be a winner in College, so has other NFL bust.

What the Philadelphia Eagles can do is try him in the Wildcat Offense and see how that works. Against the Rams, Hurts did see the field which was done to fool the defense. The Rams, noticing Hurts was in the game were forced to respect his ability to tuck the ball and run. Pederson must take that into account each week and devise a plan for his mobile backup. Gutsy playcalling brought the Philadelphia Eagles their first-ever Super Bowl victory. The infamous “Philly-Philly” would not have been called if Wentz was behind center.

It’s time for Pederson to put it all on the line.

While Carson Wentz is playing awful, he’s still better than any QB in The NFC East. The team is struggling as they continue to gel from offseason and in-game injuries over the past few weeks. Wentz will get it together. There may never be another Nick Foles or Frank Reich. Jalen Hurts is good but he’s not ready to be what this team needs.

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