Philadelphia Eagles Final Report Card

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By: Julio Olmo

Emotions ran high as Carson Wentz made his playoff debut.

Thanks to a block field goal attempt by Eagles’ Vinny Curry, after the end of the first quarter, the score was a manageable Seattle 3 Philadelphia 0.

That was the good news…

Bad news?

The Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback went into the locker-room, with a head injury sustained by a very questionable hit, before the end of the first quarter and never returned.

Backup quarterback, Josh McCown finished the half and after Carson Wentz due to this injury wasn’t able to return, McCown went on to finish the whole game.

Without their only offensive weapon – besides kicker Jake Elliott, the Eagles fought valiantly, but still lost 17-9.

As of this moment you have to face the reality that Wentz has to be the worst luck player in NFL history.

Why they lost?

Journeyman backup step in cold to make a playoff debut and in spite of giving it his all, the 40-year old Josh McCown was not able to catch lightning in a bottle like the Fable Nick Foles did a couple years ago.

The officiating crew missed the obvious targeting penalty hit by the Seahwaks’ Jadeveon Clowney on starting quarterback Carson Wentz.

Injuries are a harsh reality of life in the NFL, but Clowney laughed, celebrated and carried on at the end of the game, pretty much like a man that was looking forward to collecting a reward for his Bounty Hit.

In the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints seasons being over, the clear favorite remaining to win the Super Bowl is the Baltimore Ravens.

However, I much prefer to see head coach Andy Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs win it all.

Management’s goal next season, should be to have the deepest and most talented 53-man roster possible because injuries in the NFL are simply unavoidable.

Pain Heals…Chics Dig Scars…Glory Lasts Forever!


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