Are the Philadelphia Eagles…America’s Team, Now?!?

Dream Chasing...

Philadelphia Eagles

I had to read this out loud to myself a few times…Then It Hit Me! Holy Crap!…We Are!!!

The storyline about a playoff underdog left for dead on the side of the road, then rallying behind their backup quarterback, getting to a Super Bowl and now standing on the threshold of lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy is the stuff which dreams are made of.

The only thing standing in their way?

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots…No Biggie! Just the best NFL dynasty of modern time, led by the greatest quarterback of our generation…Whew!

Sylvester Stallone went on to fame and fortune in Hollywood off this very concept,

The loveable underdog winning a world title against insurmountable odds and there is a statue at the bottom of Philadelphia’s Art Museum’s Liberty Steps which pays tribute to that fighting spirit.

Even if the New England Patriots win the battle, they already have lost the Super Bowl Media War.

The story of a 40-year-old quarterback winning another title, it is now just a footnote in Super Bowl History.

Adding to the story line are also subplots such as:

 Philadelphia Eagles

Former Oakland Raider’s Great – Howie Long’s son, Chris Long donating an entire year’s salary to help the victims of tragedy in his hometown.

 Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles running back Jay Ajayi falling to his knees crying on the field as he reaches a life long dream of playing in the Super Bowl.

 Philadelphia Eagles

Zach Ertz tearing up inside Eagles’ locker room as a reporter shows him a video of his wife Julie, a member of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, and her reaction to the news that her husband is going to the Super Bowl.


There is now no way that Tom Brady’s winning another Super Bowl can top any of these stories. The sentiment of New England winning another title can be found inside of any Hallmark card.


It’s truly unbelievable…From snow throwing hooligans and thugs, to…Underdog mask wearing lovable dream chasers…That’s in one Hell of Transformation!

Philadelphia Eagles

It’s a great time to be an Eagles’ Fan!

Fly Eagles Fly


Written by Julio Olmo ~ The Voice of One!


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