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Philadelphia Eagles

By: Julio Olmo

The last several seasons have been truly remarkable for Philadelphia Eagles Nation.

We went from a long-suffering fan base – better known as snow-throwing hooligans and thugs, to underdog mask-wearing lovable dream chasers to finally achieving Super Bowl Glory.

And the mandatory post-Super Bowl Hangover, after too much celebrating.

The Eagles‘ 2020 NFL regular season appeared to be an interesting one, but now with COVID-19 Virus wreaking havoc through everyone’s lives, the situation is currently uncertain.

Under normal circumstances, every fall – like clockwork!, my brothers and sisters from Eagles Nation rise during the start of the NFL season.

They will cheer the Eagles with the same crazed enthusiasm whether they start their season 5-3 or 3-5, it doesn’t matter.

It has been that way since I can remember.

When it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles, the fans can talk crap about the Birds, but nobody else can.

Tough Brotherly Love at its purest form.

It’s been a family shield proudly exhibited by fathers, mothers, teenagers, and children alike.

The odd man in this never adulterated recipe is Carson Wentz.

I can only recall a handful of teams in the 100-year history of the NFL, which removed every possible obstacle in front of one player for him to succeed. Carson Wentz still was not able to close the deal.

Unless the COVID-19 Virus affects how the NFL season ultimately unfolds, I see Jalen Hurts eventually replacing Carson Wentz.

Identical route as to when Randall Cunningham replaced Ron Jaworski.


The Philadelphia Eagles 2020 regular season football schedule as initially released on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

“With the COVID-19 virus changing or closing every sporting event in the world, every major sporting scheduled date it’s subject to revision, due to the health guidelines.”

  1.  1pm, Away Game vs Washington Redskins – September 13th

  2.  1pm, “Home Opener” vs Los Angeles Rams – September 20th

  3.  1 pm, Home vs Baltimore Ravens – September 27th

  4. 8:20pm, Away vs San Francisco Niners – October 4th

  5.  1pm, Away vs Pittsburgh Steelers – October 11th

  6. 1pm, Home vs Baltimore Ravens – October 18th

  7. 8:20pm, Home vs New York Giants – October 22nd

  8.  8:20pm, Home vs Dallas Cowboys – November 1st

  9. Week Nine – Bye Week

  10. 1pm, Away vs New York Giants – November 15th

  11. 1pm, Away vs Cleveland Browns – November 22nd

  12. 8:15pm, Home vs Seattle Seahawks – November 30th

  13. 4:25pm, Away vs Green Bay Packers – December 6th

  14. 4:25pm, Home vs New Orleans Saints – December 13th

  15.  4:05pm, Away vs Arizona Cardinals – December 20th

  16.  4:25pm, Away vs Dallas Cowboys – December 27th

  17. 1pm, Home vs Washington Redskins – January 1st


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