Phil Mickelson vs Tiger Woods II?

phil vs tiger ii


By: Julio Olmo

A few weeks into this COVID-19- sports layoff, all of us are in need of some live competition.

Now there’s a chance fans could get their sports fix with a great rematch.

On Sunday night a fan posed a question to Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods on Twitter, asking:

“Do you think there is a chance you two go play a round mic’d up with one camera guy and just put it out there on a stream for people to watch?? We need live sports”

Mickelson, who has become very social media savvy over the last couple years, replied by saying:

“Working on it.”

When asked if he was joking around, Mickelson put the speculation meter into overdrive and tweeted:

“I don’t tease. I’m kinda a sure thing”

So, there you go!

Tiger vs Phil II is on!

It certainly seems within the realm of possibility.

Two players, on an empty golf course, with a bare bones camera crew streaming the match live.

The match would give fans exactly what they need while providing gamblers with some much appreciated action.

Woods and Mickelson first squared off in a head-to-head match at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas in 2018 and Lefty ended up winning that match and the $9 million payout.

The event was initially scheduled to be on pay-per-view, but technical difficulties led to the match being streamed free of charge.

Musicians and entertainers have been streaming free performances during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of which have generated charitable funds for doctors, nurses and first responders.

A Tiger vs Phil II can definitely pull something off along the very same lines.

It seems like a no-brainer to this casual golf fan.

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