Pablo Sandoval Should Be Gone


Pablo Sandoval is on the disabled list again. Not for an injury but for an ear infection. The fat load who clearly has an eating disorder which was known at his time in San Francisco with the Giants. Sandoval has played in only 32 games with 24 strikeouts this season. He obviously only cares about getting paid and not weather or not he plays.
From Boston Sports Inf on Twitter Pablo Sandoval will earn 965,000 a day while he is on the 10 day DL. That’s more than Mookie Betts will make for the whole year 950,000. That stat has to make you sick. Here you have an all star on the team earing his pay day while Sandoval has to sit out cause he has the sniffles give me a break.

This all started last year when he wobbled into spring training and couldn’t play all year. Now this year he still can’t seem to get himself ready to go. He’s just another Carl Crawford, David Price, and Adrian Gonzalez.
Monday night in Kansas City Sandoval was pulled at third in the eighth inning, and you know it’s bad when Chrisitan Vasquez who hasn’t played third in forever goes in. If I’m Dave Dombrowski I’m kicking myself for trading Travis Shaw last season.

Travis Shaw is having a great season in Milwaukee with 13 homers, 48 RBI’s, and a .296 batting average. Now they are screwed pretty much at third as they had to call up Sam Travis and Devon Marrero from Pawtucket today.
Its clearly obvious the Giants knew Sandoval wouldn’t work out and he had a problem. The Red Sox picked him up for more reasons to play third base.He would sell jerseys and help with the marketing aspect.Both of which have failed his play has sucked, and the fans are sick of him too.

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