Opening day: Christmas for the baseball enthusiast

By: Jacob Fain

Can you feel it? There’s something in the air this time of year and it means one thing BASEBALL! The grass has been freshly cut and the lines neatly painted, it is the best time of the year. One of the best things about opening day and really baseball in general is the day games, we start at one o’clock with the Yankees and the Blue Jays a nice AL East matchup to kick off the season but it wont be the first game of the year! We actually are gonna kick off the season at Wrigley on April the 5th the night before, the Cubs are going to take a shot at the defending NL Central champs the Cardinals. Great job by ESPN to have these two once again break open a new chapter in the MLB’s long luxurious history, also we get to have a preview of the new look Chicago Cubs.  Then you can thank ESPN once again for on opening day you can see three games after the Yankees and Jays play. At four you can watch the lowly Mets and the high flying Nationals not a game that will be all too pretty but heck its better than anything else on tv at four on a Monday. The next game is one of two teams who very rarely are seen outside of their respective markets, its the Cleveland Indians and the Houston Astros! Two teams that seems to be going to different ways the Indians are becoming that tough team that nobody wants to play even though this team has had a tough time winning their division. The Astros on the other hand well…well lets just say they’re the Astros nobody thinks to much of them at the moment but at least they’re young! Then to cap off a great day of baseball we head off to Chase field for some reason I mean the defending champs should open the season at home but I digress, it is going to be interesting to see if the Giants can break the curse of the odd numbered year after a world championship in which they’ve been very bad in. But all in all this should be a heck of a day for us the fans and I can honestly say I cant wait at all!

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