Of All Places…

By: Mystique Ro

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are over and now it is time to reflect on what has just transpired. So many firsts have taken place just in my experience watching the games. For starters, I watched the games in Lake Placid, NY, home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Games. Geographic location was an eye opener.

Take it a step further, I was staying at the Olympic Training Center training in a sport that was reintroduced in 2002 for the Salt Lake Games.

Of all the places I had been in my life watching the Olympics, it has always been from afar and disengaged. But this time around, I was there. Not there there, but in a place with historical significance. Just being where I was for the duration of the Olympics was euphoric.

Much of my revolution comes from what transpired whilst watching the games. This time around I was watching quite a number of events and for the first time could see the passion of these athletes in a new light. I cannot speak from exact emotions, just from my own experiences up till this point, but it is truly humbling. Rounding up two years since I was introduced to the sport of skeleton has made many things in my life quite apparent. The need for mental strength, faith in the process, external support and confidence, financial stability of some kind, but most importantly of all- belief in ones self. All the prior things listed are big obstacles in the path of dream chasing, but with out the power of belief all the effort in the world will prove futile.

Seeing athletes put everything they have out on the line for the world to see, seeing the anguish of not performing at the high standards an athlete holds himself to, seeing the tears of joy as an athlete crosses the finish line victorious, seeing the pain of being completely spent… having some of idea of what it took to stand before the world and see the passion of each and every athlete unfold in a performance of a lifetime…priceless. I cannot explain the pride I feel to aspire to have a moment such as that. There are so many odds stacked against each athlete: time, training, injuries, life events, and so many unknowns. But these individuals faced the odds head on and fought for their rightful  place in history.

Mystique Ro
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Mystique Ro attended and graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in December of 2016 where she received her bachelors degree in Relational Communications. During her time at Queens, she was a member of the women's track and field team competing as a heptahlete. At the end of her collegiate career she joined the coaching staff for a season assisting with the sprint and jumper team. But not quite ready to retire her spikes and join her peers in the quest for finding a career, she sought opportunity to further her athletic endeavors. She now competes for Team USA as a Skeleton athlete.

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