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New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi, left, talks to New York Mets manager Terry Collins before an interleague baseball game between the two teams at Citi Field in New York, Monday, May 27, 2013. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)




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By: Joe “Cartright” Cardoso

Baseball has passed the halfway mark,  and the trading deadline has also passed. We now are reaching the dog days of summer, and the real contenders are showing us who they are. If you live in New York, or are a fan of the Mets and Yankees, this season so far has been awesome. At the start of the season, both teams had questions and limited expectations. What would a post-Jeter Yanks team look like? How would the team handle the mess known as A-Rod? What would a 40-year-old A-Rod bring to the table? Pitching CC is starting to show wear and tear. Masahiro Tanaka and that elbow ligament are one bad throw away from Tommy John surgery.

For the Mets it was: is this the year they make the leap? How will Matt Harvey rebound from Tommy John surgery? Will the kids all live up to the hype and bring the team back to the forefront of not just NYC, but all of baseball. I think it’s safe to say not even the most diehard fans of these teams could have seen this. It is a reawakening of baseball in New York and if things stay the course, both are heading to the post season. Some people are even jumping the gun and saying the double S word SUBWAY SERIES. Let’s check the stats:

Home Cooking is sweeeeeet: Yankees-31-17 at home and the Mets are 38-18, and when these two are hitting on all cylinders no one wants to play there.

Yankees: Rock solid bullpen and they are improving as the season goes on with a 3.35 ERA, and moving on from the Mo Riviera era.

Mets: 2.90 ERA flame throwers and guys with great stuff coming out the pen.

Yankees: no. 7 in strikeouts, no. 2 in runs scored, no. 2 in HR, no. 4 in wins, no. 6 in saves.

Mets: no. 9 in wins, no. 3 in ERA, no. 6 in saves, no. 10 in strikeouts.

Fun fact: last 10 games the Yankees have scored 90 runs!?!?

Now we all know these hot streaks will end, but they are steady all year, so I don’t expect a huge drop off. And while Brian Cashman chooses to “double down” on his young pitchers and not make any trades, one would hope the young arms pan out. Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, and Greg Bird all will have a shot, with Luis up first. And for the Mets fans that cried for a big bat, say hello to Yoenis Cespedes,  who brings much-needed pop to the lineup. I, for one, and probably half of Yankee nation, did not expect this kind of season from Alex Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira. Father time can sit down; they are producing and being clutch. Can they hold up down the wire? For the Mets, David Wright is on the comeback trail.

If the Yankees can lean on the bullpen and make it work for them, and the Mets kids keep it going, lookout for great times in the NYC. What a time to be a fan. I, for one, am looking forward to an epic run to October.

Joe Cardoso
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